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If I Was a Man


🚀 Exposing the Real-Life Discrimination Mums Face in Job Hunting: It’s Time for Change! Dive into the Unfiltered Truths of Sexism and Postcode Discrimination. Let’s Break the Silence and Demand a Fair Shot for All! Click to Uncover the Reality. 💼🌟 #MumDiscrimination #MomDiscrimination #FairOpportunities #UnveilTheTruths

What do I want for 2023


Today is the first day of the new year and it is fresh with possibilities. I’ve been thinking about what I would like to achieve and seeing how to set SMART goals to make sure the goals are attainable. Have you made your wish list yet for 2023? What would you like to do this year? Let me know.

Introducing Photobook Worldwide + Discount Codes


Photobook Worldwide has some great discounts for my readers. You can get 70% off sitewide or get a simple 6’x6′ photobook via the Photobook Worldwide App – Offer is avail until 30th of Nov 2019 and perfect for Christmas presents. I’m also working on a book for Alexander about his birth and first year, so stay tuned to learn what I create.