Review: Anywhere Can Be a Cinema with LUMOS AURO v2 Projector


So, 1st Blackheath Scouts had a movie night at the Scout hall, and we needed a solid data projector to show the movie. We’ve used a very old Epson projector in the past, but this time, we got our hands on the brand-new LUMOS AURO  v2 Home Cinema projector. Big shoutout to LUMOS for letting us try out their latest model. Spoiler alert: It was a game-changer.

Unboxing and Setup

The kit arrived in two boxes: one for the stand and one for the projector. Setting up the stand was a piece of cake – join the two poles, attach the base plate, and top it off with the 360-degree ball head. It took less than five minutes, and voila! A rock-solid stand ready for action.

Unboxing the LUMOS AURO  v2 was like opening a present. Inside, there was the projector, a remote control, a power cable, and an HDMI cable. The only thing missing? Two AAA batteries for the remote. No biggie, though.

Setting up the projector was just as easy. I attached it to the ball head adapter on the stand, plugged in the power cable, and switched it on. That’s it. Simple as that.

Projection Magic

I initially placed the projector in the middle of the Scout hall, thinking I needed some distance to fit the screen I had set up. Boy, was I wrong! The image filled the entire back wall of the hall, which is 9m wide and 3m high. Next time, I’m bringing a bigger screen to take full advantage of this beast’s capabilities. It can project up to a massive 200-inch screen if you have the space!

Once I adjusted the projector’s distance to the screen, it went into an auto-focus routine that left me in awe. In just a few seconds, the image was pin-sharp. Super impressive.

Testing and Performance

The LUMOS AURO  v2 is Wi-Fi enabled, so I quickly connected it to my phone’s personal hotspot. Streaming YouTube videos was a breeze, and the preloaded officially certified apps (YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, and more) worked flawlessly. Just log in, and you’re good to go.

The image resolution is top-notch – super sharp, with vibrant colours and great contrast. Even with the hall lights on, the brightness was incredible. A quick peek at the manual revealed why: 1080p native resolution and 6000 lumens. No wonder it was so bright!

The audio was equally impressive. Despite its compact size, the AURO v2 pumped out loud, clear sound with decent bass. Its certified Dolby Audio Dual (2) Speaker system had rich, strong bass and immersive sound. It was more than enough for a home cinema setup, though I added extra speakers in the large Scout hall to combat the inevitable Scout chatter and popcorn fights.

Next, I tested a film loaded onto a USB stick. Again, the AURO  v2 didn’t disappoint. The image quality, colour vibrance, and contrast depth were superb. The Scouts started arriving, popcorn was popped, bean bags were prepped, and we were ready to roll.

The remote control was a pleasant surprise too. Easy to navigate in the dark and worked all the way from the back of the hall. A big win in my book.

Additional Features and User Experience

The projector’s user interface was a breeze to navigate. Everything was intuitive and easy to find, with no confusing menus. The remote control was just right – no unnecessary buttons, making it easy to use even in the dark.

The AURO  v2 was silent during operation, a delightful contrast to the noisy old Epson. And it stayed cool throughout the movie, just lukewarm at the end, so we could pack it away immediately without waiting for it to cool down.

One standout feature was the automatic keystone and focus adjustment. Move the projector, and it quickly and accurately adjusted itself. Super handy and very impressive.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the LUMOS  AURO  v2 Home Cinema projector is an impressive piece of kit. The build quality is solid, the image and sound quality are mind-blowing, and it’s incredibly easy to use. At $498, it’s a steal compared to other projectors that cost three times as much. The Scouts loved the viewing experience, and so did I. It’s five stars from me.

Top marks, LUMOS. You’ve got a winner here.

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