Thrilled to Be a Finalist for the 2024 Fresh Content Award!


Hey there, wonderful readers!

I have some exciting news to share—I’m a finalist for the 2024 Fresh Content Award! 🎉 This is my third time being nominated, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The excitement is even sweeter this year because my twin girls will be by my side to celebrate this special night.

Meet the other Finalists

I’m in great company with these amazing creators:

Gorgeous Easy No-Bake Oreo Blackberry Mousse Tart

As mentioned before, I was lucky enough to be a finalist two years in a row (a major highlight for me!). Check out my upcoming posts to see what I entered and read about my never-ending quest for the perfect outfit:

The stunning Easy No-Bake Oreo Blackberry Mousse Tart is a sight to behold, with its rich Oreo base complemented by the vibrant blackberry mousse and delicate flowers.

The Fresh Awards Gala Night is just one week away, and I can’t wait to don my stunning outfit—finally found thanks to Temu (who would have thought!)—and join my fellow finalists for an evening of celebration and recognition. Knowing that my daughters will be there cheering me on makes this moment all the more magical.

I’ve spent what feels like an eternity hunting down the perfect outfit. The mad dash from shop to shop, trying on duds that made me look like a fashion disaster, was beyond exhausting. I’m sure you’ve been there too! It really fried my brain and zapped some of the fun out of the event prep. But hey, I finally found a great outfit (I think so, and that’s what counts), and now I’m getting excited about the occasion again!

My latest online order—it’s a total winner! Everything looks absolutely fantastic.
Image sourced from

Celebrating Passion and Creativity

Being a finalist for the third time is incredibly exciting! It showcases the dedication and creativity I pour into each post. Being recognised for my hard work is truly gratifying. I love celebrating fresh produce and flowers and sharing that joy with you all through my blog and social media brings me immense happiness! 🌸🍇

My amazing wedding cakeover was affordable and easy to create, adorned with fresh flowers from Fine Flowers Katoomba.
Adding a different top to a crumble creates interest – this Pretty Pastry Apple and Rhubarb Crumble looks great with the different flower-type pastry shapes.

I love playing with ingredients, finding clever ways to make dinner parties or gatherings a breeze, and whipping up tasty treats for everyone to savour and share!

I had a blast creating these for my 2024 Fresh Awards entries:

The girls and I are gearing up for a fun day in the city, prepping for the big event and soaking in all the excitement. We’ll be dressed to impress in our cocktail finest, ready to savour the night with the other finalists and celebrate our shared love for deliciously fresh content.

It’s going to be a treat sharing this event with my girls, giving them a taste of what it’s like to attend an awards night and showing them that hard work is the secret ingredient to being in such fabulous company with all the other finalists.

Wishing Everyone the Best of Luck

Sending my best wishes to my fellow finalists—Vincent, Lorraine, and Katie. It’s a true honour to be among such talented creators, and I’m excited to see what the night holds for all of us!

Thank you to my readers and community for your unwavering support, and I’m looking forward to an unforgettable night at the Fresh Awards Gala Night! 🌿🍎🌸

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