Sun, exercise and study


Today I went for a nice long walk in the sunshine. It was wonderful to be all on my own and to be finally exercising. Yesterday I did about 20 minutes on the Wii Fit and then it was a bit crazy with the fact the kids kept on pulling out toys, hard to have room to do things with the floor filling up with toys and junk.

So now mummy and daddy have had lunch and rested. The girls got a vegemite sandwich each and not much has been eaten.  I am about to do some study and work on my assignment for university, while the girls and daddy are in the backyard.

Daddy however wants to tidy and clean the backyard and the kids are more interested in building houses out of branches and leaves, and making a mess.  Off to get my cuppa tea and get started on the study. Wish me luck, hoping to not get interrupted.

What do you have planned for the day or the weekend?  Have you had time to yourself to do what you like or exercise? I must say that just going for that walk made me feel ten times better about myself.  Note to self, fit it more walking. Send your comments in.

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