Placenta for energy anyone?


In the news recently was a report stating that actress January Jones has eaten her own placenta, well actually via capsules not actually eaten.  Jones was saying how she did not know if it would work but was willing to give it a try. I have heard of this, most animals do this although not a lot of humans do.

The actress says that she has had so much energy and the reason behind the energy is eating well, vitamins and placenta capsulation. I personally think it all makes sense. The placenta was the life force for the baby or babies in my case.  I just don’t know if I can do the eating part, maybe if someone did the placenta capsulation I might have been oaky with it, and I did not see it or the preparation and just got the capsules.  I know I am a wuss.

After the birth as you all know you have to wait for the placenta to deliver, once mine arrived my husband was very curious about it. He told me it was massive and I really would not want to look at it, as it was weird looking. According to James it looked like a Doctor Who prop. After this I had to look, he was right, it looked like it had tentacles everywhere.

I honestly was never that type of mother or person who was going to eat her own placenta and for that matter take it to someone to make it into capsules. Maybe I should of, it does hold all the nutrients that the baby needed and your body could use after the whole experience of childbirth.  Maybe if I had done that, I would have had more energy in the first year or so. However, dealing with two babies at once would drain anyone I would have thought.

I think if it works for you, why not.  On the placenta benefits info site they list all the health benefits, maybe we need to get over the yucky idea of it and give it a go.  If there was a service at the hospital to turn the placenta into capsules and you just paid a small fee for this privilege, then I think more women might give it a go.  Personally it is the yuck factor and the issue that the placenta appears like a big disgusting blob (I do know that it is wonderful and miraculous, but not that good looking), having no contact with the yucky thing, would make sure that I would be more interested to try.

Did you eat your placenta or have it in capsules? Did it help with energy levels, and other things?  Did you decide to not eat it and bury it under a tree in honour of the birth? My friends mum did that after her baby brother was born. What are your thoughts about the hospital providing the service for the capsules? Send in your comments.

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  • trish van baast
    April 10, 2012

    That’s definitely not in my list of foods to eat. Every time you open a woman’s magazine there’s another wonder food that we should all be taking. It gets back to exercise, eat the freshest stuff you can and don’t go overboard on the treats. Yes, I know we all know what to do – it’s the doing of it that’s hard!

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