Wisdom from a chipmunk’s film


In the Alvin and chipmunks film from 2007, there is a line that sums up, how I think most mothers feel, well maybe not all the time but every now and then.

Dave said, “I have no job, no career, and my house is always a mess”.

Messy House. Oh how I wish this would be magically cleaned up!

Messy House. Oh how I wish this would be magically cleaned up!

This sums up my world and life currently, and I felt his sense of annoyance at a situation which mostly is out of your control.  By saying out of control, I mean that your life before kids was a little more organised, and you could get much more done in the time available. Now with kids, you have to be flexible, get not a lot done, factoring in other people all the time is a tiring job and no one thanks you for this role.

If motherhood was a job, I would be on target; I would have met my KPI’s. My monthly check with my manager would see that I might get a pay rise, but motherhood is nothing like the real world of work.  There are no benefits for hitting any target, no applause, no well-done you!!

No one seems to notice if you change the sheets on the bed, or clean a room, I feel that is just annoying as you go out of your way to tidy up and sort things out and the little things are never mentioned. Why cannot the husband/partner, say, “Gosh, the room looks good.” And, “Thanks, I love fresh sheets”. Maybe a hug and a kiss, or flowers from the garden, I think I am feeling under appreciated.

Just a thought; why can’t the kid’s milestones be linked with an incentive for the primary care giver, mother/father.   If the kid hits the milestone you get a gift, for example a gift card so you can go shopping, and buy something for you.  Maybe it can be an hour or so of babysitting? I know this is far-fetched and will never happen due to costs, but wouldn’t this be a nice idea?

So whenever I hear that line in the chipmunk’s film, I understand entirely how Dave feels.  Do you feel like Dave? Have you found words of wisdom in a kid’s film? If so let us know what film and the line to watch out for? Send in your comments.

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