Julia's home built computer

Julia’s home built computer

Julia's computer

Julia’s computer

For a while now the girls have been building make shift computers out of an old keyboard, mouse and a puzzle for a screen. Julia has built it again today, and you will see how clever it looks in the pictures.

It makes me think the girls are saying they want a computer. I would love to get them a tablet, like an iPad to learn, however it is the cost that is associated with these products. We would need to get two as sharing with that type of thing is not an option.

Maybe the new Microsoft Surface will be more affordable to purchase, and this will have to wait until we have money. Microsoft has not listed the costs of the new surface computer yet, should be available in October.

If Apple or Microsoft want to give away any iPad or Surface tablets we are happy to receive them, we can be the testing ground for them. I know this will never happen, but you don’t know… I can only dream.


The girls have figured out how to play, stop, pause shows with the television remote control. If they need to go to the bathroom, they pause what they are watching, come back and press play. Very clever indeed.

I wonder what other equipment or devices Julia or Lillian will build?  As you will see the computer even has a rest place for your feet, very convenient.  Do your kids build things that look like the real things? If so what have they created? Send in your comments and stories.



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