Dressing up or down?


I think that the term “dressing like a wife” is rather annoying. Is there a term for dressing like a girlfriend, fiancée, and so on? Kate Moss has said of her husband, “He would go mental if I started dressing like a wife! He likes me when I’m a rock n roll kind of a girl.”  I do agree dressing up and looking good is great; however it is a bit hard when your circumstances change.

I used to love to dress up all the time. When I was working I wore snazzy business clothes, high heels, makeup, and hair up and done up all the time. Now that I have kids and I am a stay at home mother to the twins, I don’t dress up so much. Why wear your fancy outfit to playgroup to have paint on it?  Maybe other mothers don’t care, however I would like to save my better outfits for going somewhere special and fancy.

Currently I am in the situation of having no money to extend my wardrobe to include some nicer pieces for everyday wear. I know I have to go through my wardrobe and remove some clothes that I don’t wear anymore; this might create more room for new pieces when I can get them. I do look at lovely clothes/shoes and think gosh that would be great for the office or for work. However my job is at home with the kids, so not practical. There might be an in-between casual style that I can adopt for home and mummy things. I would like to, however it again is the cost. Do you find this as well?

I also have another issue; I fit into some pants and don’t fit into others. The pants I fit into are baggy and loose, basically needing a belt to keep them up. However wearing the other size it is a bit tight around the waist so I wear the other baggier pants. I know the look is not ideal, but it is comfortable and they fit to a certain extent. I am in the process of trying to lose weight and tone up. I was hoping to be in better state so far but it is always finding the  time and fitting it all in. I just need to get more focused and stick with getting up early to ensure that mummy gets her time and much needed exercise. Go the Wii Fit.

I do understand that Kate Moss is saying that if you look good you feel good; also if you take better care of your appearance your partner will like it also. I do agree with this. It is not like I don’t want to.  Most of the time in my current situation, it is not practical to dress up as I am mostly at home.  I don’t want to end up dressed to the nines like those stars on day time soap operas.

It is also easier for the likes of Kate Moss to maintain her style, she has the help to have kids looked after, trainers to help with her weight loss, and the money to purchase clothes or the celebrity to be given clothes to showcase.  Real mothers don’t have this at their disposal, and if I did, you bet I would be looking better and be more relaxed than I currently am.

What are your thoughts? Has your dress/style changed since becoming a mum? Is it only when you are doing kid things that you don’t dress up? Do you dress up for special events and if so has that changed since you are a mother?  What has changed for me is what I can fit into, but maybe that is just me?  I do want to be a yummy mummy but think it is harder than it sounds. Send in your comments.

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