Possible Evacuation


Note: As of the 22nd of Oct we are all still safe and fine at the house. Weather conditions might and have been expected to change for the worse tomorrow. If we have to leave I have packed a bag and things that we cannot replace, and it is ready to go in the car. Kids are at pre-school as it appears o.k and if needed will go and get them. Thanks for your concerns. Stay safe if you are in the same or worse situation.


Hi All,

If the weather changes I could be off line for a few days. We might have to evacuate as we live in the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia and we are having extreme bushfires. Maybe your local news is covering this story if you are overseas.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald if the wind changes it might be a disaster. Let hope it’s not.  I did pop out to the airfield as we are friends and supporters of the airfield but also to give morning tea to the firefighters. I visited the Hominy Bakery in Katoomba and they were nice to give me a free cake for the firefighers. Thanks so much to the Hominy Bakery and everyone go and say thanks and give them your business.

Stay safe everyone else that is affected, crossing fingers and toes that I don’t have to leave. I am busy packing bags and making sure the twins and I are orgnaisd if we have to race off. It is amazing what you realise that you can live without in an emergency.

Hope you enjoyed looking at the lovely helicopters and some people that are helping us remain safe and well.

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  • FastLaneDad
    October 21, 2013

    Coming from the UK, I can’t believe how hard those guys have to work when these awful events happen. It’s incredible and they deserve all the cakes!

    Be safe and our thoughts are with all you guys in the Blues.

    Keep us up to date on your twitter where you can!


    • Suzanne
      October 21, 2013

      Thanks FastLaneDad, I hope we will be ok but the weather is a worry and Wednesday is meant to be the worst day they are expecting. Kids are at home with me as the school is asking that everyone remain local and I am afraid I might not be able to get to the kids if I need to. I am still sorting out things to put in the car and will finalise a bag for us. Also need to sit down and write a list so that I don’t forget anything, also will cross out what I have done so that I know things have been organised. Will keep you all up to date, thanks for all your kind wishes.

      Yes our fire fighters do a tough long and hard job. They need all the thanks, money and gratitude you can give them.

  • Mama Carmody
    October 26, 2013

    Well, it is the 25th and I don’t see any updates. I hope you are all okay. My prayers are with you.

    • Suzanne
      October 26, 2013

      Hi Mama Carmody, Sorry about that. We did evacuate in my post about Voluntary Evacuation we left the Blue Mountains to stay with a relative. We are now home and have been since Thursday night which was the 24th here and all is well. House all good, no sign of fire here and we are all safe. Thanks for your kind words,support and checking to see how we have been. I am glad we did leave as I thought it was the best thing to do since I was on my own with the twins. Love to you and thanks for checking. Suzanne

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