Mountains V's Beach. Which is best?


I grew up in North Queensland, Hervey Bay to be precise. My childhood consisted of playing outdoors, cycling on my push bike, swimming, snorkelling and outdoor activities.

Summer is my favourite season and I adore the heat, so why do I now live in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains? Where most of the time it is wet, freezing, cold, gale force winds and just miserable. There is a small window where it nice; warm or hot that you could think it was summer but for me it never lasts long enough; and sometimes we never get a summer and it feels like it is constantly winter!

Katoomba in Winter.

Katoomba in Winter.

I have been in the Blue Mountains for over ten years now and has the environment rubbed off on me? Do I still yearn for the beach, the sun and the all round great weather?

Well the answer is Yes, I still long for the beach and all that goes with it. You cannot change how you grew up and what you long for.

I’m sure that you think that the mountains cannot be so bad. It does have some great things going for it:

  • Great air to breathe.
  • Outdoor spaces to play in and to use. Walks, climbing and parks.
  • You can see stars that you will not see in the city or in built up areas.
  • Greater value for houses and real estate, allows you to get a foot hold in the property market.
  • Live closer to nature. Surrounded by national parks and nature.
  • Experience four seasons and sometimes just one. In October 2012 we had deep snow and it was freezing (see image gallery below). It did not snow in winter but waited till Spring to do this.
  • Cooler in summer compared to the city. This is great if you like the heat but don’t to get too hot.
  • Feels like we live in tourist central, this gives us more choice and infrastructure to our area.

One of the main reasons that I am in the Blue Mountains is due to my hubby. He cannot stand the heat and deals with the cold better. So I love the heat and I hate the cold. In summer in Katoomba the temperature is warm and sometimes hot but not as bad as it would be in the city. This is a good compromise, however I wish it would work better for me in winter.

I brave the freezing cold for my hubby, how nice of me. What have you done for your partner?

The view from our room at the QT on the Gold Coast.

The view from our room at the QT on the Gold Coast.

What is so wonderful about the beach and warmer weather?

  • Better climate to allow more activities to happen year round rather than just certain times of the year.
  • Makes me feel great and energised.
  • Love the salt water.
  • Love the smell of the sand, sea and the idea that the days seem endless.
  • Due to better climate more outdoor activity can be had.

As I write this I am in my hotel room on the Gold Coast. It has been a lovely hot day and just enjoyable weather. I can smell the sea air and it just makes me feel good. Feels like home. I am pleased that I am getting my fix for what I long for, and hope that I can repeat it soon.

The mountains has great qualities also, the fog that makes it so appealing. The trees that change colour in autumn and look so pretty in their reds, browns, and yellows. I know the whole dynamic of the Blue Mountains would change if it was constantly warm and sunny. There would be no curling up in front of the open fire and snuggling with your hot chocolate or skinny cap or maybe a glass of port.

Mind you I do like these things in the mountains, but I hate the cold, and cannot stand dealing with the layers of clothes that is needed to stay warm.

I  have decided that I don’t like winter and never will. I love and hang out for summer, summer holidays, Christmas and spending time at the beach, pool and just being outdoors.

What are your thoughts? What is wonderful about the mountains or the beach? What is your favourite?

Note: This post was written to enter the Problogger Competition to win a trip to South By Southwest in 2014 courtesy of Virgin Australia. Wish me luck and hope that I get considered.

3 Responses
  • Janeece
    September 13, 2013

    Great post! I’m a beach person myself but do love a trip to the mountains too!
    Good luck in the competition!

    • Suzanne
      September 13, 2013

      Thanks. Would be nice to win, just giving it a go.

  • Mama Carmody
    September 24, 2013

    I love the beach. I live very far away from the beach but have spent many summers there. I really hope to retire to the beach one day…soon!

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