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Off to school. Image courtesy of Idea go at

Off to school. Image courtesy of Idea go at

My girls have been going to transition at the local primary school. Transition is a way to introduce them to big school or Kindy that is friendly and makes them more comfortable for next year. This week it will be the third week however it is cancelled due to the bush fires and possible extreme weather tomorrow.

Since my girls have started transition they are now over going to pre-school, they feel that pre-school is for babies and they are big girls. Big girls go to big school. I did explain that big school starts next year and we are only getting to know the school and learn more about it. They now think that they can go all the time. There has been tears, yelling and tantrums over this issue. Have your kids done the same?

I am happy they are ready and content to make the change to the primary school but there will be a big of a wait for this to occur. Pre-school finishes in December then we have the Christmas Holidays and then at the end of January 2014 my girls will start Kindy. This for little kids will seem like an eternity. Maybe they will be lost in the holidays and the lead up to Christmas that they will forget about big school?

For the first week of transition it was a bit of a mess. Lillian did not get her big school buddy straight away and she thought she was left out. This created her to get very upset and start crying and worried. Julia had her buddy and they went off together. Lillian’s buddy was found and all was right, however she clung to me and wanted me to go with her when they walked around the different areas of the school. Lillian then perked up later as she got more and more comfortable with the fact that she was not left out and with her new surroundings. This enabled me to join the other parents and learn more about the school.

The second week, the girls were content to join their new buddies  as they changed from the other week. This was a huge relief and allowed me to sit and listen to the volunteers, info about the P&C, and other such things that the school wanted us to be aware of.  All the kids then joined a Kindy class for a craft activity and then had morning tea with them in the school grounds.

It was so cute and lovely to watch my little girls have their bags on their backs, form lines to go and join the class. They looked so grown up and happy. My girls are growing up and keen to start their next journey. Big School!

Have your kids been keen to start kindy/school? Send in your comments.

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