Valentines day and day 2 of pre-school


Happy Valentines Day everyone. I hope you have a nice day whatever you end up doing. This morning it was a saga getting the girls organised for day 2 of school, well actually it was hard with Julia especially. She decided that she did not want to go to school, she wanted to stay home. Everything ended up being an issue. Cuddle me, carry me, no I don’t want that shoe, Lillian has my clip and just heaps of crying and whinging. She fell on the floor and just made the whole getting ready 10 times harder.

I managed to sort it out, calmed her down a bit, put shoes on her, brushed her hair, gave her a clip and she put it in her hair. Finally we were all in the car and off to school. Phew!  However Julia had cried so much that her face was red and spotty. I hope that she looks happier when we get there. I don’t want the school to think that she needs to come home. Today I am busy cleaning up the house as we have a babysitter for tonight, as James and I are going out for dinner. Really looking forward to it.

I am looking forward to wearing my new skirt and dressing up a bit for a night out without kids. Just relaxing thinking about that. Oh well, must be off to start the tidying up process.

Let me know how your Valentines goes? Did you get romanced? Get some time out? Or just had a great day with the family?


Update: We ended up going out for a very nice dinner. The girls were happy with their babysitter and played, doctors, tea parties, hairdressers, watched some tv, had some food and milk and went to bed. Lillian’s hair was braided when I woke up and it looks so lovely. Must learn how to do that.

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