My time to relax


After the girls were dropped off to pre-school, I headed off to return books to the library and check the mail, now the errands have been done it is me time.

I had some lunch, relaxed while watching a show by not being interpreted by the girls, very relaxing I must say. I am getting very obsessed with the new show “Revenge“, it is very interesting. Every character seems to have their own agenda for revenge or something sinister. Then I focused on creating a pattern for new pants out of Lillian’s favourite pajama pants. I have made them a bit bigger and going to add pockets. I am going to make them look unique so keen to start sewing. I am hoping that my new pattern will be good. I am starting off with just 2 pairs of pants to make sure my idea works, then if all good, I will make more. Pictures to come when I have a completed project.

It was very nice to be home alone without any pressure, any demands and to just be. I sat in the quiet for a while. I did do some washing, but there is still lots more to do. However that can be done tomorrow, as there is no urgency on anything currently, and as the weather is terrible for drying I don’t want to have baskets of wet washing to dry.

University semester starts on the 5th of March so I have spent some time checking the university student site. I have done my introduction via the online forum and have looked at other student and staff introductions. I am keen and also a bit concerned about this semester as the unit sounds hard and complicated. I am enrolled in Project Process Planning and Control, so I think it is going to be heavy on theories and data. However, after this subject I only have 2 more to do, so have to get through this one o.k, to continue on. One side of me that is keen to start study as it gives my brain an outlet other than being a mummy, but the other is concerned about the subject and what this semester involves. I am on the countdown to finishing so that is exciting but still feels so far away.

After looking at the uni course I had another “Revenge” to watch as it is so addictive. Then off to pick the girls up from school. They had a great day. Still they could not tell me what they did, however I figured out that they painted, and went out to play until it rained again, and played with puzzles. This week they have been very clingy when I drop them off, they don’t want me to leave. I just hope it gets better as today Julia wanted me to pick her up and cuddle her around the school. I know that is nice, however I am trying to make my exit not to stay there.

It was very nice to have this time to myself. I am hoping that tomorrow I will make time to start sewing the girls new pants. The test batch. I am sure it will work, just need to make sure that the sizes for the girls are correct. I have measured and will add the new measurements into the pants project.

Hope that you all had time to have some me time. What did you get up to?  It was nicer weather, but still rainy so not much you can do in this weather.  What was it like where you are?

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