Bring The Drawstring Back!


This is not a new problem but one that has annoyed me for a long time.

How about you????

Is this an issue that makes you angry?


I bet it does…. if it annoys you then I want you to get behind my movement to Bring The Drawstring Back!  

As you might have guessed it really frustrates me and makes me very annoyed.

Pants and shorts that look like they have the drawstring cord but it is an illusion.  Yep all fake, nothing works. Cord and string just for show.

In fact, they just have a few bits of cord hanging to allow you to tie in a knot and not an actual bow, and due to no actual drawstring being in the waist of the pants or shorts there is no ability to pull them tighter.

You might not think this is a major issue but it is, especially when you have super skinny kids that have no waists and need everything to be tighten or taken in.

It could be a conspiracy against all people that wish to adjust their pants and not show their bums or undies.

The twins were tiny from the word go and of course have been small with everything and it is hard to get them anything that fits without getting a smaller size to ensure it actually fits around their waist. However, due to the fact that they are growing, I need the length but the waist size for bigger sizes seem to get enormous and therefore falls off my skinny little people.

When Alexander was born he was 1.2kgs bigger than one of the girls, now this is significant but he is still the same as his sisters.  Being a good size for a newborn hasn’t helped the fact that he is going to be a skinny minny like his sisters.

He has an itty bitty waist and needs to have outfits with an adjustable waist or tighter elastic or at the very least a drawstring that is there and actually works.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that is over the fake drawstring phenomenon.

Why are manufacturers doing this?

From a customer perspective, it is horrible. You buy a pair of pants and they cannot be altered to fit you…. stupid actually!

From the seller’s position, having drawstrings mean more time to make each item and therefore each item will cost more. I’m sure they are still super cheap to make in a Chinese factory and sell for a huge profit.

Personally, I hate having no drawstrings on pants. Especially for kids, and on my PJ”s too! (I seem to have a whole bunch of pajama pants that are just falling off me and yes you guessed it, no drawstring!)


I think we should email, phone and tell all stores to put back the drawstring!  Will you stand with me?



I did try and create a petition however I couldn’t due to not knowing who to list as the person, organisation, or group that can make a decision about my petition.

Not having drawstrings is an issue that affects many shops and it is not down to one. Therefore this area of the form was left blank and I couldn’t create an online petition.

Note: I have had to change my pajama pants I was wearing during writing this as they are constantly falling down, yes its a look I just don’t want. I could magically fix all pants that do this, but why would you want to? Why can’t I just buy pants that have a usable and working drawstring?

The issue is real and affects millions of people.  Tell the clothing stores you shop at that they need to bring back the drawstring!


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