Week 2 of pre-school and time out


Week 2 of pre-school is here and went well, although it was a rough start. The girls did not want to get ready and made it hard to get out the door. Managed to get there on time in the wet, so that is a great start I thought, and finding a park was even better. This school run is interesting as I have never been a parent of children in school. Although they are only in pre-school it has the same timing as a school day. Now I will understand when school holidays are. I never knew as it was not important. Now I will know when they occur.

Both girls were shy this morning and needed coaxing to get into the doors at school. It was a bit upsetting as they did not do this last week. I think it is still all new and it is a learning curve as it is only week 2, so not expecting that much. I left the girls when one of their friends came in, their mate Mia is great, they like her so much. However this little girl is moving back to Germany with her family in a week so the girls will not have that friend to play with. I am hoping that we can get an address to send letters so that the girls can keep in touch.

When I dropped the girls off, there was a boy who was super excited about his upcoming birthday party this Saturday. He is turning 5. He seemed to be inviting everyone. Was not sure if we were on the list and thought we would not be, the girls only started at the school last week, so thought he was talking about his other friends. Upon collecting Julia and Lillian, I found that he has invited them and in-fact the whole class. It is nice that the girls have been asked to a party for a classmate. Must RSVP to his mother to make sure she is aware of numbers for the party. Now, what to get a 5 year old boy for his birthday?

The weather here is still terrible, nice sunny day and then terrible storms. It has not stopped raining all afternoon. I managed to get some tidying done, sheets on beds changed and some washing done. However, would have liked to have done more. Tomorrow is my time, I am pencilling in that time for me and my projects.  I am feeling very fat and frumpy so must work in some exercise tomorrow. I need to see if I can get up earlier to incorporate it into my day as by the time that everyone wakes and I get stuck into things, it never gets done. I really would like to be doing more exercise, however with the early morning idea, I do like my sleep so that is why this has never happened for any great length of time.

My mum and step dad came to visit. They were going to be staying for a couple of days but have had issues with their caravan and it is at the mechanics to get fixed. Issues with the wheel and axel, not good and I hope it gets reparied soon and cheaply, or at least not as expensive as it might cost. The girls were surprised that Nana showed up to pick them up from school. Mum and I asked the girls what they did today at school, and they were both very silent.  Both girls only told us that they did not play with the puzzles. So what did they do?  I think they were so busy that they cannot remember what they got up to. They had all their lunches come back from school, must have been too busy to eat as well.

Mum and my step dad bought the quilt blankets that they both made the girls. The girls loved them and insisted on having them on their beds tonight. They really enjoyed looking at the panels and finding all the things that are on the quilt, dogs, cats, Dora the explorer, flowers, letters, numbers and many other things.

As the girls picked at their lunches at home, I just gave them something light for dinner with milk. I don’t think they would have eaten a planned dinner after I spent time preparing it and I was not in the mood for doing it or eating it if they did not. Lillian curled up on the lounge piece she dismantled and she looked so tired. I asked if she was tired and she nodded and said yes. The girls never admit to being tired, so she must have been exhausted.

They went to bed about 6.30pm and probably went to bed about 7.30pm. They should be plenty rested for their wake up call at 7am tomorrow morning.

What do your kids/children get up to at school or pre-school? Do they tell you? I think it is odd I get the answer, “I don’t know”, I really think that they are so overloaded with new things, and people to play with that they just forget. I am just finding it interesting that you can never find out. Must ask the school tomorrow what they get up to.

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