First day at Pre-School

Julia and Lillian - First Day of Pre-School

Julia and Lillian - First Day of Pre-School

The first day at pre-school went really well, although the girls were  bit shy when we got there, hearing about the slippery dip made the girls skip and run out to play without a thought to us.  We then made our leave quickly.  I was a bit sad but also happy that they are at this stage to go to school to learn more. I am also to even happier to getting some time off without the kids, it is a god sent.

This morning it was blue skies, sun and wonderful summer heat. This nice weather was a false alarm and was about to change to our big surprise. We ended up having a huge thunder storm that drenched us in so much water and hail. It was just so intense. The storm lasted over an hour and it seemed to be getting heavier and harder throughout the storm. James was home as he wanted to be here for the girls first day of pre-school was helping me run around the house to see if we were really water tight, and all was o.k. We seemed o.k, but we just watched in amazement at how the hail was failing and how quickly the water was flowing down the street and our driveway.

People here have put out their junk for council clean up and a chair opposite was floating down the street. We cringed as we both thought that it was going to slide into on coming traffic. This was not something we could witness, however it was what we imagined might happen. Also would the driver or the onlooker think, where did the person of the chair go?

Just to give you an idea of how intense the storm was, here are some articles of what happened today. The sports centre in Katoomba has had roof damage and water damage, other stores and houses have damage as well, “Patrons evacuated after roof collapse“, “Thunderstorms hit Blue Mountains“,  and “Blue Mountains lashed by heavy hail“.

I was thinking of how the girls were doing all day, and also thinking of what I could get done in the time I had to myself. I must say. Not much got done. I tidied the kitchen but now it is a mess again, so will do it again tomorrow. I managed to put fresh sheets on all beds, so that is a good thing and nice. However there are a lot more things to do. The plan is to get the place in order to allow myself to do what I want to do with the days the girls are at pre-school. This running around like a mad woman all days that I have off is not going to happen this year. I promise myself I will try and get organised to get things done. I know easier said than done. It will get better once I get some time to get rooms done and sorted. This way it will feel like things are actually happening and there is actual action. Although I do, do things, after cleaning, tidying, playing with kids and then looking at the house, you think it is in the same or worse state than before. I am sure you have all been there.

Daddy's necklace by Lillian

Daddy's necklace by Lillian

Oh well, after the storm and the darkness went more sunshine came out. Cruel weather, just after I had taken all the clothes off the line, yet again. This change was most welcome as we had to go and collect the girls. We made it and were in fact early, which was nice. We waited with the other parents for the doors to open at the end of class. Once the doors opened, the girls saw daddy and I waiting for them. They yelled,”Daddy” and raced over to hug him. He was then told by Lillian that she had made a necklace for him and he must wear it. She was trying to find it in the cardboard folder that had her name on it. All the kids have one and they are stored at the front of the school so that parents can see what the child has been doing and take artwork home but leave the folder at the school. I opened the folder to find that the teacher had put the necklace in her folder. Julia told me that she did not make one. Lillian then put it on daddy. He wore it for the rest of the day.

The girls told us that they painted, played on the slippery dip and slid down on their bellies, met a girl called Mia, and had a great day, and of course Lillian made daddy a necklace, it is a pasta necklace with the end being a pasta whistle. All very clever, and all her design she told me.

Both girls are looking forward to going back tomorrow and I am pleased that they had such a great time and want to go back. Now tomorrow will be action day for me and so will Wednesday. At least it will be well spent organising. I did want to go to aqua aerobics on Wednesday but that is at the aquatic centre that has roof damage from today’s storm, so I guess that is off limits until fixed.  Now off to organise the girls lunch boxes for tomorrow.

How do you manage the time when you child is in care/school do you run around like a mad person trying to get all things done? Is it something that you cherish and the hell with housework? Do you make a comprise and do one room and then give yourself a break? Any ideas or techniques please send my way. This way we can all learn and help each other.


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