First Snow of 2022


Last night it started to snow. It was the first snow of 2022 and of course, it is the week before it is officially Spring. Yes, you might have already guessed that it is still very very very cold here. Although still freezing we have had the odd day where it was warmer than before but still not hot…so for me, this was a nice sign that warmer weather is fast approaching.

I wonder if on the 1st of September it will suddenly be warmer? Will the weather know that it does need to suddenly be warmer? I do hope so. If it is miraculously warm then the universe must then instantly know that it is spring and I need to be warm.

If it is indeed warmer soon, I might finally be able to sit outside in the garden with a drink and enjoy the flowers.

So of course we were hit by another last-ditch attempt to still be in the freezing cold

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