First Thoughts of EveryPlate


I have never tried EveryPlate and was keen to give the meals a go. I was given a code test out a box. I navigated to the EveryPlate website and got busy picking out my weekly meals. 

I thought I would give the meal box a good go and selected 4 meals for 4 people. I then wanted to change a few meals but some options from pork to beef and finally got the meals picked and organised. I was very keen to try my meals from EveryPlate. 

One of the family-friendly meals that were on the original menu was mince with tomato bolognese sauce with penne pasta. I decided to change this as it was rather like the meals we cook on a regular basis. No point in having a meal box delivered with the same meals you always create; I wanted a change.

The box arrived early morning on Wednesday, and it was exciting to have a box of items that have been picked just for me and delivered to the house. No shopping, no having to drag kids with me to get what was needed. All items just arrived at my house, a brilliant part of the service in my book.

I got busy making sure that all the ingredients and items were put away, and ready to make my yummy meals from EveryPlate.  

Try EveryPlate today and you’ll get up to $115 off your first four boxes, with dinner from as little as $2.39 per plate. Click here to get this deal.

Here is my discount code: TWINS115 (The link should automatically have the discount code applied to it)

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