The Lotto Ticket Conspiracy


Please note this is just weird thoughts from my brain about a possible scenario and it is not real or accurate in any way—all 100% fantasy.

Filling out a lotto ticket, hopefully, a winning ticket

A long while ago I purchased a ticket to the lotto. I forget which one just that it had a tremendous amount of money to win….something like 50 million.

I alongside many others purchased my ticket to have the chance to dream and of course, win an ENMOROUS amount of money. Even a small percentage of $50 million would be nice, I am not fussy.

For my ticket I got an auto pick as I was feeling lucky and then went about my day thinking of all the possibilities winning even a little bit of this cash would bring me. I would be able to travel, invest in my projects, build the house that I have been dreaming about, fix the house we are currently living in, invest in the kid’s future and oh buy an electric car that I have been lusting over (this would now be possible due to being able to upgrade the house to solar and also having finally enough cash to buy the car in the first place).

My fantasy to win lotto

I kept my ticket in my purse for a while and totally forgot about it. I also didn’t hear anything on the news about how someone won and they couldn’t track them down.

I finally decided to go to the newsagency and get my lotto ticket checked…you never know it might be the winning ticket.

I handed my ticket to the lady behind the counter and she scanned it, and then said, no nothing.

Really…’s not a winning ticket!!! Well, there goes my lotto-winning day dream.

There was nothing that came up on the screen. No way to know deep down it wasn’t a claim for any money.

I know that deep down it really didn’t win but what if? What if others were telling me lies to pocket my prize money? If this fantasy is real I’m owed millions in prizes.

Have you ever thought that maybe every ticket that wasn’t a winning lotto ticket was in fact a winning ticket? I hope I am not the only one. Let me know if you do this too.

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