Isolation Done Right


You asked for funny stories and now I’m giving you what you asked for…you might now wish for something different.

Last week I went shopping with the kids, we bought some essentials and then came straight home. I unpacked the shopping and then got dinner ready. A few days went by and I thought it might be nice to take all three kids to the local oval. They were driving me mad and I thought if they had some exercise and room to run around it might make things easier, and mean that bedtime might happen quickly due to everyone being tired…well I could live in hope.

So I went looking for my car keys to take my feral bunch to the park. I couldn’t find them. I looked and looked and still no keys.

I asked my kids to help but their looking skills are not great. They currently walk into a room stand there and stare. Then yell about how it is so hard to look for something and why do they have to help when it’s not even their keys!

One of the other kids walked into another room and just touched a few things on my desk and then walked away saying…no it’s not there.

It was all too hard to help mummy so they raced outside to play on the trampoline and to ignore my pleas for help.

I know it sounds funny but due to not having to be anywhere, no deadlines, no school and so on, I didn’t immediately notice that I had lost my keys.

Once I figured out they were lost I did a bit of a freakout, but then quickly calmed down. They can’t be outside the house, I got home, locked the car and brought in the shopping. So at the very least, the keys were somewhere in the house and I had no idea where.

I started wondering where the keys were.

I looked where I thought I put them and they were nowhere to be found.

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Part of me thought the youngest had put them in the bin and by the time I had this thought the garbage had already been collected…so if this was indeed true they were gone by now.

I then started cleaning up parts of the house, making sure to look under the lounge, piles of unfolded clothes, toys and more.

Still no keys!

It had been about a week I think, not sure as I am losing days due to not having to be anywhere and staying at home. I still thought they were where I put them originally.

I had an idea they had fallen off the cabinet where we put the fruit. Yesterday I decided to move the cabinet and finally saw some keys looking at me. I reached and finally had them in my hand, and thank goodness it was my keys. They had been found.

Insert huge happy dance!

Now my keys are super safe, I put them up high to make sure that little kids cannot decide to place them anywhere around the house.

If this had happened at any other point in my life this would have been a huge disaster, however, due to being at home due to COVID-19, it didn’t matter much. Although I wanted to find them to ensure I had them from a safety standpoint. If hubby was out and I was home with the kids and something happened, at least I would have the keys to the car to go somewhere if it was urgent.

It did get me thinking…if you want people to stay home just take away their keys.

Simple really, Isolation done right.

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