Bring the Joy of The Easter Show Home


Easter is different this year and that is due to COVID-19. We are all at home to ensure that we don’t get sick or infect others.

Many events have been cancelled and one of them was the Easter Show.



The Easter Show is something many families and kids look forward to each year, and now they are unable to go. Insert sad upset faces here!

Don’t worry you can still celebrate like you are at the show, And you too will be a happy egg!


Chicane Showbags who are known for Allen’s, KitKat, MilkyBar and Bertie Beetle showbags

You can order your showbags and get them delivered by visiting


PIPER COMPUTER KIT – Excellent STEM Education for Kids 

There are so many showbags on offer and not just for the kids:

  • Bertie Beetle
  • Allen’s Choc Classics
  • Wonka Showbag
  • Smarties Showbag
  • Allen’s Lollies Showbag
  • Aero Showbag
  • Allen’s Snakes Showbag
  • Minties Showbag
  • The Milkybar Showbag
  • Allen’s Chew Mix Showbag
  • Nerds Showbag
  • Violet Crumble Showbag
  • Junior Smarties/Kit Kat/Killer Python/Gobstoppers Showbags
  • Kids Kitchen Showbag – All the things to be a Masterchef
  • Kids Creation Station – All the things to be an artist
  • Sport and Pop Culture Showbags – Deadpool, The Simpsons, Star Trek, Pink, Avengers Endgame, Star Wars, FFA Socceroos, Elvis, My Little Pony, Mr Potato Head, The Beatles, NERF, Black Panther, Dragon Ball Z, Bumble Bee/Transformers, AC/DC, Sailor Moon, Sydney FC, Garfield and Western Syndey Wanderers.
  • The Emporium Collection – Get a great selection of skirts, dresses, tote bags and more
  • Beauty Showbags
  • Australian Women’s Weekly Showbag
  • ELLE Australia Showbag
  • TV and Radio – My Kitchen Rules Showbag, Home and Away Showbag, and Jonesy & Amanda Jam Bag.




Your kids will be super happy that they will be able to still get an Easter Showbag




You can enjoy the Easter Home Show Fun by doing the following:

  • Once you get your order of showbags turn your living room into showbag ally by rearranging the furniture. Then open up all the bags and enjoy
  • If you have pets you can pretend to have a Sydney Royal Dog/Cat Show. Create a podium with some spare boxes of different sizes. Get the kids to create ribbons for the winners, and also for second and third place.
  • For lunch you can create your very own Hot Dog on a Stick, Corn Dog on a Stick and Cheese on a Stick 
  • Now you are all rested after lunch and the dog or cat show you can now challenge the kids with the Young Farmer Challenge – this is a timed race to see how fast each kid can do their chores while wearing a cowboy hat and boots, or just a cowboy hat.  YouYube Channel Common Sense has a great tutorial on how you can make your very own paper cowboy hat.

  • Now that kids and animals are super tired it is mum and dads turn to have some fun. Create your very own Royal Beer & Cider Show in the kitchen. Put paper bags over the beer/cider bottles and have blind taste tests and vote for your favourite drink.


I hope that this gives you some fun things to do over Easter and allow you to have the Easter Show experience from the comfort of your own home.


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