Pre-School Eve


Finally we are at the day before the girls go to pre-school. One more sleep and they are at school, it is such an exciting time. They are growing up so fast, such little girls. Tonight, the girls, daddy and I helped them decorate their new lunch boxes for school. The boxes came with fun stickers and Julia and Lillian added their own style to them. I made sure that each box had the correct person’s name on it and at least the teachers will know who’s is who’s. Julia has the pink lunch box and Lillian has the green.

I am so excited that this day has come and I am planning great things for my time off, just need to sort out the house and then we are sorted.

Lunches are made, kids are in bed, and finally sounds like they are asleep. Now need to make sure I am up early, showered and have bags packed so that we are on time for school. I am going to go and watch one of my shows to relax and then off to bed.

I hope to pick the girls up from a wonderful first day tomorrow afternoon, hearing great stories of what they got up to.  Will update you tomorrow on how it went.


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