Time off – well just for a bit


I had an appointment for my second microderm and oxygen facial, it went better than last time so that is a plus. The other plus was that I was on my own, so a day to myself, shopping, having lunch, looking at window shopping and able to do whatever I wanted. It was so nice to have this time to myself.

After the facial I popped off to The Good Guys and purchased a juicer. We are now going to give a juice fast a go, I know sounds crazy but it worked for Joe Cross the guy who created the film: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Joe was overweight and suffered from an autoimmune disease and thought that eating vegetables and fruit juiced is the way to go. Joe managed to lose the weight and during the weeks of the fast lowered his drugs for his disease he was taking. By the end of the fast he managed to keep off the weight and not be on any drugs for his condition. It was a very positive film and inspirational. Check IMDB for more info on this film. James and I think that it might help us and who knows, at least having fresh healthy juice has to be a bonus. So we will see.  Cannot start the fast yet as we are booked in for a Valentines dinner, so that will have to happen first.

Now having the juicer in my hot little hands, I headed to the shopping centre to see if I could visit with Auntie Denise, no luck there, it was her day off yet again. Oh well, then I went off to have lunch and to relax for a bit. After lunch I went off to Sussan’s as I had a gift voucher from Christmas and managed to purchase a really nice skirt. Who knew stripes could be so flattering. Managed to see a cheap skirt also in Target and it is more for the cooler weather so just the thing for Katoomba. One thing that I thought was interesting to see in Target was that Dita Von Teese is selling lingere there as well, she has her own label. Interesting. Pity that it all looked small and not for sizes like me. I am a little busty than normal and it is very sad that the sexy feel good underwear is never available in my size. It would be nice if for once these type of things were easily accessible,  in my size, and reasonably priced. Oh well, maybe after the diet and some more exercise I might be skinnier. 🙂

It was nice to have some me time and wish there was more of it.  Only a couple of sleeps until the girls start school, so that is exciting and good for them and me. Now still need to find that battery charger for the camera. Still have had no luck. Might have to take pictures on the camera after all. So project find camera battery tomorrow or think of what to do about it.

Update: After I got home with all my shopping and especially the new juicer. James could not wait and opened and cleaned the bits that you need to. Then he did a test juice. Nice fresh orange juice. YUM!!! It is so quiet compared to others from years ago. Very impressed. Now need to get recipes and vegetables and more fruits to help make our juices.


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