Headache go away


Today was the day kids were at school and I wanted to get heaps done. I wish my body would have been up to speed with my plan, have had a nasty headache all day. Have taken pills but to no avail. While at home, I managed to tidy up the lounge room, kids room and our room. Did a couple of loads of laundry and changed our sheets. Girls sheets were done yesterday or Saturday, feels so far away now, but they were done on the weekend at some point.

I thought about going for a sleep, however I am that tired that I thought I would sleep through pick up for the girls, so did not do that. I watched some of my shows and then finished some things off and had to pick the girls up. Since getting the girls from school it has made my head ten times worse. The girls are little trouble makers. Running out to get in the paddle pool, taking off and not coming when called, not eating all their food, playing and not having dinner, ignoring me, being violent to each other, hitting, biting, and just plain terrible. Both girls are finally in their bedroom playing waiting for daddy to come home to say hello before we have dinner.

I did plan to have more done so that I can maximise my time tomorrow. I think I will hope that I feel better tomorrow and get stuck into something I want to do. Even as I speak the girls are screaming, crying and yelling at each other. I fear that they are over tired and they are just going to be terrible before they finally pass out. I did go in and see who was hurt due to high pitched screaming before, Lillian was bitten by Julia due to Julia not getting her way at the tea party. OHHhhhhhhh gosh, I am so over this. I just want to have dinner and go to bed.

Thinking about dinner, I feel that I should go and get dinner made, eat it, and go off to bed. Maybe an early night will help things.  I will put James’ dinner in the microwave.

Hope your day was better than mine.


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