Too Much On My Mind


I’ve not been well and finding it difficult as I keep on thinking about sleep. My bed keeps wanting me to keep it company and as I’ve had a few days of horrible headaches I totally agree that rest and sleep might be a very good idea.

Aside from not being well, I have nearly a week to organise everything for the twins 11th birthday party. I don’t understand where the time has gone. You would not think they are babies anymore and just looking at them you will see tall kids that are lanky and seem to be getting stretched out – they are in the lanky phase of growth before full set puberty sets in.

Puberty might not have happened but you would think it was due to the moods and craziness that is happening at our place.

Not only have I been trying to keep up with the kids’ events at school, one main one was seeing them dance in the school’s entry into the Wakkarki Dance Competition. All the kids did such an amazing job and it was many hours of practice from the kids plus a very long day and night of the show.  I was very proud to see the kids do such a great uplifting performance and it was a wonderful feel-good story of acceptance and making friends from all different backgrounds.

The performance for Wakkarki was at Riverside Theatre in Parramatta and the kids left school at 10.30am and didn’t get picked up by parents until 9pm that evening. We arrived home well after 11pm and I don’t think they got to bed until after 12am as both kids wanted a shower to remove makeup and thick hairspray from their hair.

This week the twins are having another late night due to both singing at the Opera House with school and Wednesday to Friday last week went to Canberra with the school. Yes, the busyiness hasn’t stopped!

Making lists of what I need to do and getting a coffee at the same time.

Making lists of what I need to do and getting a coffee at the same time.

Last weekend the girls had basketball training, their basketball game and then a birthday party to attend. The next day was Father’s Day and lunch with the family and a hike with daddy. Phew….. plus other things that they get up to after school too!

This is not to mention wrangling a toddler to care and to entertain as well. Oh and being sick too. I was feeling okay and on the mend until the twins got ill a week before they went to Canberra….thank goodness they got better and was able to attend their excursion to the nation’s capital, if they couldn’t go I am sure I wouldn’t hear the end of it, and also as we had paid in full it would have been an expensive non-excursion.

I’ve upped my vitamins, been to the doctor and am now on antibiotics. Not sure that the drugs are needed but over being sick and feeling horrible all the time.

I am going to bed with a million things on my mind. Getting things for the cake, wrapping presents, organising party bags for the twins birthday party, finalising the list of who’s coming, cleaning the house for relatives that will be over soon to celebrate with us, things I wanted to do but can only think about sleep or attempting to keep my eyes open.

In an attempt to stay energised I had two coffees the other day, and I fear this was a horrible mistake. I was still extremely tired but couldn’t go to sleep. I lay in bed thinking of all the things I needed to organise and are yet to do, and yes this stressed me out and still made me not able to sleep.

So now I am not doing two coffees, I have only one in the early hours of the morning. I fight the urge to have another as I know this will cause me to be staring at the ceiling and getting frustrated about my lack of drive due to being zapped of energy due to a cold or the flu… not sure what it is but only know that I hate it and want it to go away and never come back.

Have you had a very busy time? Are you still going through it? Has it coincided with you getting ill? If so how did you manage?


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