Help for Bush Fire Victims


Last Thursday the day the fires started

Last Thursday the day the fires started

Help people affected by the NSW Bushfires

As you might be aware NSW (New South Wales) is suffering major bushfires. These fires have claimed property and lives. It is so sad that people have lost everything and some families are morning the loss of a loved one.

Today the family and I went to Woolworths to buy some groceries, when paying our bill at the check out we found out that we can donate to The Salvation Army’s Bushfire Relief Appeal.We donated $50 to the cause and then Woolworths will add another $50 on top of that. So in total $100 will be donated.

According to Woolworths:

“The Salvos are already on the ground providing relief to bushfire affected communities across the State and today we’re asking our customers to join us and help their work by adding a donation at the checkout of any store.

“Making a donation at your local Woolies is the easiest way to help. Simply ask a Woolworths team member to add a donation to your purchase, select the donation button at the self-serve checkout, or make a donation at

“Woolworths will match any customer donations dollar-for-dollar for the next two weeks,” said Eales (The NSW State Manager for Woolworths). If, for example, a customer adds a $10 donation to their grocery bill, Woolies will match it leading to a total donation of $20 to the Salvos.

More smoke from the fires

More smoke from the fires

What can you do to help?

Please go along to Woolworths or go to the Salvos and donate what you can. If you cannot donate money what about clothes, toys, kitchen goods and the like? Many have lost houses and need things to start again.

On the SBS website there is a page about what you can do to help, NSW bushfires: How you can help. It mentions that goods like kitchen items or electrical might not be the best way to go. Giving money empowers the people affected to get what they need and the right things rather than things go to waste or not get properly stored.

I will go through my things and see if there is anything that will be able to help a family in need.

Fire Updates for NSW

The weather is predicted to get worse for Sunday and Monday. Currently in Katoomba it is quite mild and not a lot of wind. Due to not much wind the smoke is settling and not moving. Please keep up to date on what is going on in affected areas and keep safe.

I have listed the NSW Rural Fire website, also ABC News and Radio sites. ABC has great coverage in times like these and give you up to date info as does the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Hope you are all safe and well if you are in a fire danger zone. I and others are thinking of you all.

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