Food Shouldn’t Change When You Age


Food is one of life’s pleasures- perhaps subconsciously to us, food enlightens all our senses to create that pleasure.

You celebrate with food.

Families come together over the dining room table- this social experience is a vital part of our wellbeing.

Friends go out to enjoy meals at new and interesting restaurants/cafes.

Food is also super important for your health. Good quality food is your tool to wellbeing.

It is recommended that you consume a wide variety of fruits and vegetables daily – eating the rainbow is ideal. By this, all colours should make an appearance on your plate.

This passion and enjoyment that food brings does not go away with age.


Maggie Beer Foundation – ‘Creating an Appetite for Life’ from Maggie Beer on Vimeo.


The Maggie Beer Foundation “was established in 2014 to improve the food experiences for older Australians, particularly those living within aged care homes. In fellowship with her Board of industry leaders, professors and health advisors, Maggie has made it her personal mission to link the latest research of how the food we eat can impact brain health and general wellbeing, with her innate knowledge of what good food can do for everyone’s emotional wellbeing – a truly nourishing mix, so much greater than the sum of its parts.”

How Can You Help?

  • Donations – Giving money to help the cause is a great way to help. 
  • Subscribe to The Maggie Beer Foundation Newsletter – Keep informed of all that is going on and show your support by signing up today.
  • Corporate Support – If you are a business/corporation you can support The Maggie Beer Foundation.  Businesses can support a program or project, become involved with progressing one of our strategic priorities and implement the Maggie Beer Foundation “Appetite for Life” program in an aged care home.
  • Fundraising & Sponsorship – Run an event, supply gifts and help. For more information please email:
  • Advocacy – The main focus of The Maggie Beer Foundation is “radically change food practices in aged care, to improve the emotional wellbeing of each and every person.”  To make a change, government and aged care facilities need to be on board. It’s a huge job and one that can be done with everyone helping. 
Maggie Beer Foundation - Creating An Appetite For Life

Maggie Beer Foundation – Creating An Appetite For Life

You no doubt know someone elderly or in an aged care setting, food is one major thing they have to look forward to in their day. We too are ageing and how nice would it be to have our daily food pleasures available to us as we endure our elder years?

Together let’s get behind Maggie Beer’s mission to improve the food experience in aged care.

The Maggie Beer Foundation (MBF) has education and programs to help facilities with “Creating an Appetite for Life Program” and the foundation can Create Customised Tailored Training.


“Breakfast is served! "Super" Banana Porridge - this contains approximately 25% more energy and a third more fibre than regular porridge just cooked with milk!”
Image from The Maggie Beer Facebook Page

“Breakfast is served! “Super” Banana Porridge – this contains approximately 25% more energy and a third more fibre than regular porridge just cooked with milk!”
Image from The Maggie Beer Facebook Page

Improving food in aged care facilities will help everyone and one day possibly you.   I think that when a relative ends up in aged care it doesn’t dawn on you that one day this could be you.   

Food is a vital part of living and one that doesn’t disappear with age, making meals interesting, tasty and healthy is important. Also, it is one thing that can be changed with a lot of support.

Be the change and help The Maggie Beer Foundation get more awareness around food in aged care facilities.  

Share your stories of what is working, any changes that you have made that has had a positive impact on residents whether they are living at home or in a supported care environment.

Disclaimer:  I love what Maggie Beer’s Foundation is doing for aged care and older Australians. I am a firm believer as we age we should be treated well. Aged care homes or institutions need to ensure that their food is delicious, healthy and interesting.   Good food means good health and a better quality of life. 

Everyone at some point will come into contact with an aged care home. 

You might visit your grandparents, have to put your parents into one, your partner might need some assistance, or eventually, you will need one. 

This affects us all.  If we all get behind this great mission to ensure that food in all aged care facilities is better, then we would have helped everyone that will need any aged care facilities nationwide. Wouldn’t this be great?

Maggie Beer Foundation - Creating An Appetite For Life

“Food is nutrition not just for the body, but also for the soul. It’s what fires our appetite for life, no matter what age.” Maggie Beer.

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