What The Twins Are Pre-Teens?


In a month my little girls will be turning double digits. Yep, 10!

I suppose they are not little anymore.

I’ve noticed changes in both girls but brushed them off.

My girls are 9, no they cannot be in pre-puberty. NO!  Pre-Teens??? NO WAY!!!!!!

Makeup, hair and more time in the bathroom is happening at my place. Is this the start of being a pre-teen?

Makeup, hair and more time in the bathroom is happening at my place. Is this the start of being a pre-teen?


What changes have been happening?

  • Moods – no speaking, yelling and just crying about everything and nothing
  • Interest in doing hair all the time (no one seemed interested before)
  • Body changes
  • Getting taller
  • More independence
  • Also wanting to spend more time with mummy and daddy doing things, and having adventures (without their baby brother)

I looked up all these strange things via Google and other sites confirmed my suspicions. Yes, the twins are indeed in the waiting period before puberty happens.

Well possibly best to call it pre-puberty.

I’ve started having chats with the girls and told them that it is all normal and that it means they are growing up.

I gave each kid a big cuddle and one on one with more of an explanation on what is happening to their bodies.  Not sure if they understood it all but gave the info in a way I hope they could cope with.

Even though the kids are slowly going through these changes they are still kids. Needing advice, help and guidance.  I sometimes look at the twins and think how grown up they are and other times feel like they are still little. I think it is an in-between time for everything.

I must say that boundaries are being tested and mummy has had her fair share of headaches with stubborn girls who wish they were teenagers.

When did you notice that your kids were in pre-puberty? Were your child/children happy about the changes? What did you do to help them?

I’ve seen the book by Kaz Cooke, “Girl Stuff for Girls Aged 8 – 12” and think this might be a good addition. If you got it for your girls did it help?

Do you my dear readers have any recommendations for other books that might help? Let me know.

Better Health Victoria have great guides for parents, and how to help boys and girls during puberty.


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