December or January?


I am due supposedly on the 7th of January. I say supposedly as I have no idea if that will be the actual D day, or should I say B Day for Birthday for this 3rd little person.  Or if it will be later or earlier. I have always thought that it would be earlier but don’t know why I am thinking this way. Maybe I just want the pregnancy part to be over and this little person to finally be here.

I am also worried that due to never being pregnant beyond 34 weeks this baby might be massive! One of the pluses of  having twins was that they were tiny babies, one baby might be HUGE compared to the girls.

I do know that the kid is head down and has been that way since about 30 weeks. The twins were head down at 28 weeks so that is on par with what happened before. I am soon to be in uncharted territory and it is unnerving to say the least.  If you had twins or an early baby before were you concerned when you approached the same time you went to hospital or had the baby/babies? Let me know. 

As you can see from the below picture hubby’s aunty saw these cute reindeer booties and could not resist them. I know… they are super cute and very small and adorable. However as I am slated to have a January baby and this kid might miss Christmas all together reindeer booties might not be appropriate. Or is our lovely relative trying to tell me something? Maybe the baby will be born in December rather than January? Has she jinxed it?  Has she made sure that I will be having this kid on Christmas Day? I have the booties ready to go to celebrate now.

Hubby's auntie bought this for the baby. I'm due first week Jan. Does this mean due to this gift it might be a December baby? #baby #pregnant #pregnancy #decemberorjanuary

Hubby’s auntie bought this for the baby. I’m due first week Jan. Does this mean due to this gift it might be a December baby? #baby #pregnant #pregnancy #decemberorjanuary

This week I am 32 weeks and at 33 my waters broke with the twins. I know it is different this time. Only one baby but as I draw closer to 33 weeks I am getting nervous. I am starting to think about packing a hospital bag and getting more organised with things at the house.

I need to cook like a manic like I did before the twins were born. I managed to cook about three months of food and had it in the freezer. All I had to do is heat them up in the microwave and maybe add a salad to it and dinner was done.

So I am wondering what you think might happen? Will I have the baby in December or January? Also we have no idea if it is a boy or girl so you can nominate what sex you think this little person is as well. Many people are thinking it is a boy already.

We also need to get the baby capsule organised, breast pump and some other things that might be needed. I am conscious of the fact that if I have the baby over Christmas or close to it stores might not be open. I think it is best to get things done well in advance of Christmas and the holiday period.

Did you have a baby over Christmas and the January holidays? How did it go? Did you find that you have everything sorted before bub came? 


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