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Why is it that as a mother you have to look after kids and still try and get the housework done? The husband gets space to do outdoors work (and other things); with a little help from the girls he basically got time to get it all done. I know both jobs are not fun and a lot of work, however it is very hard to get the house tidy with two little people wanting you to spend time with them, play with them, cuddle them and you get the idea.

I managed yesterday to get the bathroom clean, but this was only due to me putting the kids in their room for enforced quiet time. Not really quiet time, however it is time that mummy can do things without two kids under foot.  Other than the bathroom, the kitchen got a little tidier and so did the living room. Other than those rooms, not much got done.

At lunch time today we are expecting the girl’s great aunt and her girlfriend for lunch, so I am working away at finalising the house. I have tidied our room and added fresh sheets to the bed; I have put more clothes in the washing machine (need to put clothes on the line), tidied up the living room yet again, the hallway and off to do the dining room and kitchen for finishing touches.

While I am doing all this my husband is at the computer figuring out an issue with his email. I did ask that he get up and help, however his view was that he is tired from yesterday. He did do a lot of yard work and the entire front yard. Not only did he cut and prune trees and shrubs, he mowed as well. It does look great, and I can imagine that his body is a bit sore and tired.  Although I think that as his relative is coming that maybe he might help with the inside? Is this too much to ask? I really don’t think so. So I thought why not update the blog if other people are at the computer as well.

I also find it incredible that even on holidays I am the one that is mainly looking after the girls. I have told him that this weekend and Monday I need to focus on my assignment for university. I have no choice as it is due by midnight Monday evening.  So after lunch time today and family time tomorrow, he is looking after the kids.

The girls do get involved in some tasks to help, putting their shoes in their room, helping putting away groceries, they have cleaned their room although this was just them putting all their toys on the shelves,  wiping down tables however the use of the spray is way to much, putting away toys in the toy box, and some other things. I find that it is hard to get these things done, although I am trying to involve the girls so that they are learning to put things away also.

Do you have any tips or tricks for getting housework and other things done with kids? What do you do? Some ladies I spoke to said that they don’t bother if the kids are around, I do try but nothing seems to ever get completed. Why do you as a woman get criticised for not completing the inside when you had other things to care for, namely two children.   I would like on this Easter break to finally get help with cleaning the windows, and time to do some other things, maybe my sewing?  One can only hope. Send in your ideas for doing chores/housework and other tasks with kids around.

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