Glad today is over


Today was a day from hell. The girls were upset at everything, and everything became a problem. It took hours to leave the house and mummy could not do anything by herself.  We did manage to make it out the door and to playgroup, and eventually to the post office. While at playgroup the girls and I saw the hat parade at the local school and they had some much needed play time.

I seriously was hoping the day would end soon, but when I was thinking this it was only 10am. Have you had days like this? I do love the kids so much but they really tested my patience today.  There has been biting, scratching, hitting, pulling of hair and you name it, it has happened here today. I am so over it, I even posted on Facebook that I needed a bex and a good lie down.

We did 3 puzzles before we even got out the door, they both wanted to make a cake and pull out many more toys. I had to put my foot down, if we were ever going to leave the house.   Julia is getting very good at puzzles and seeing where pieces fit in, very impressed.

I am also very impressed with Lillian on Tuesday this week; she sewed buttons onto material at school, very clever girl. They are both becoming so grown up.

I don’t know about you, but having two kids at the same time is a challenge with sharing yourself, yesterday Julia was spending time with daddy and then Lillian wanted to get a cuddle also. Then the fight started for space, “I was sitting there!!!!!!!” Julia was upset that she was then sharing with Lillian. This does happen quite often, one child is wanting cuddle time or one on one, and then the other wants the same. What do you do when you on your own nearly all the time?

As I am the primary care giver, it is hard to just have one child to cuddle. I don’t have days when I only have one child; it is always both of them or they are both at pre-school.  Maybe this needs to change?  I do know that they need to do things with each parent separately; the Easter Break might give us more of a chance.

I have not done what I wanted on my assignment, although I have done a little more the other day. Still have time but hate to leave things so late. Now family are coming to visit on Saturday and need to do a tidy up tomorrow, so no study during the day. Crossing fingers it happens in the evening or at least the weekend.

What have you got planned on the Easter holidays? Are you going away or having a great time at home?  Looking forward to the kids’ faces on Sunday. Have a happy Good Friday all. Now off to a well earnt rest, bed here I come!

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