Helpful Bunny


Daddy and Lillian went to the shops, while Julia stayed with me. Some of this time with Julia was cuddling her as she was upset. Once she was happier, I was finally able to take out the vacuum cleaner out.

I wanted to get the rug clean in the living room and the entire floor. This did not happen as I had planned, as Julia decided she wanted to vacuum. She wanted to do it all by herself. So the rug was done by Julia, she also helped me wipe down the coffee tables and tidy up before her great aunt and girlfriend came for lunch.

I was very impressed that she was helping, and when Daddy and Lillian got home he saw Julia vacuuming in the living room. She was so proud of herself for helping and doing it all on her own. Now I just wish more of the floor got done, so it really needs to get done again by mummy/daddy, but more likely mummy.

Today I was very pleased that we got some one on one time with the girls. It is hard to separate them and it was good to see that they both wanted to do different things, and they were not upset with not being together. Need to work to do more of this.

Julia seems to be taking more of an active role in helping and doing things around the house. Lillian is as well, but not as much as Julia currently. I am sure it will happen with time.  Do your kids help you around the house? Is it helpful? How do you work with kids and do housework? What are your tips and tricks?

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  • trish van baast
    April 13, 2012

    Good that they are interested in helping. Is this the first time they’ve separated? Just another sign that they are maturing and growing more confident.

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