Easter Eve


As I write this I need to remember to be careful of the bunny paws on the floor, I need to go to the bathroom before I turn in for the night and don’t want to ruin them. The girls are going to be so excited and happy that the Easter Bunny came, I did threaten to call him and explain how naughty they have been. A friend on facebook has reported that the kids went to bed with the threat that she was going to email the Easter Bunny. Oh the power of chocolate treats.

The girls had a visit with their great aunt and her friend today and had a blast. They were given chocolate eggs and I have saved the others till tomorrow. Both girls were so tired after we left them in their room no sound was heard, must have just closed their eyes and fallen fast asleep. Very tired bunnies.

I hope everyone is having a good night and the excitement of tomorrow will soon be here. The Easter Bunny will come to our house for another year, and I am sure we will still have chocolate for months afterwards. It is great that the girls have such a wonderful time at Easter, however it is not good for project slinky to be surrounded by so much temptation.

I would like to be losing weight, however I feel like I am always going back and forth. I have cut down on portion sizes and I eat right, now just a matter of sticking to the exercise and doing it more regularly.

We here at mummy to twins hope that you all have a happy and safe Easter, look after yourselves and take care.

Also try and not eat too much chocolate if you can, and if you can’t see if you can walk for ages to burn it off. 🙂

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