Fire in the box – Danger averted


Yesterday James took the girls on a day out to the National Park; they saw the ocean and had ice-creams. On the way home they stopped off at Bunnings to get some much needed taps for the bathroom and then came home.

I was very grateful for the day, as I used it to finish my individual assignment for university. It is now done and has been submitted, the lecturer has emailed with great feedback on my graphic. I decided to do an infographic for the article that I was analysing as it is a high level presentation to senior executives. Crossing fingers it is what the lecturer wanted, I will find out soon enough. Just pleased it is done and I can now concentrate on other things.

Pity I was working away all day at the computer, and not doing something fun. After the girls came home they looked so tired. It was very cold, so organised dinner and they went to bed soon after. As I was finishing putting them to bed, I had to go help James in the kitchen with a disaster, the microwave was on fire. It was only on for the timer and nothing was in it, must have been an electrical fault.

While on the Easter break I have had an iron fall on my head, husband hit his head on the corner of the shelves in the kitchen, and last night the microwave caught fire. I know the first two are bad, but we are fine and just a little bruised. The fire in the microwave is a concern; house is fine we got to it in time. Once James realised, he unplugged it and it stopped the fire, then off to the backyard it went. It was well and truly out before it even went outside, but just in case we made sure it was not near anything in case it caught again.

I have never in all my life had a microwave just alight itself and burn through the pyrex dish. It must have been hot for that to have happened. How would you know that your white goods might do this? Is there a way to get this checked?

The girls had to be ushered back to bed as they did not want to miss the excitement of the fire in the box as Lillian has termed it. So defrosting our meat for dinner was an experience, it was done by putting it in a plastic bag and filling the sink with luke warm water, more cool than warm, 30mins later it was all done.

My body is in in a bit of pain, so wanted to use the wheat bags; however that cannot be done, as we have no microwave. Not having one is fine, mostly used to defrost things and to use for wheat packs, just a nuisance when you are tight with money.

What near disasters have occurred over the holidays? I am very pleased that we caught it in time, and that we were not on the lawn waiting for the fire fighters to turn up.  I am very glad that we are all safe and well, and we still have our lovely house, very lucky indeed. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket. Send in your comments.

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  • James Fazekas
    April 11, 2012

    Hi – check out this website. If you had nothing in the microwave, this could have been the cause. Did you or James turn it on? Some GE models have been self starting causing fires. Check out the web site below and then Google microwave fires and see what comes up.

    Other than that, just accept you are a clumsy lot and I hope you have insurance!

    Love you,

    • Suzanne
      April 15, 2012

      Hi James, thanks for the comment. No I don’t think it was on, other than the timer. Having the timer working might have been all it needed. Yes I think that day we were very clumsy indeed. Hope you are well, and love to you. Suzanne

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