Shoe Obsessed


Currently the girls have set up a shoe shop in the living room. They have raided mummy and daddy’s room to get shoes for the shop. Julia is the shop keeper (otherwise known as the server, every time I correct them they say, NO I am the Server!)  Not sure if this is just a game and shoes is the current thing to sell or if they are indeed shoe obsessed.

The girls have taken to wearing mummies shoes every time we are home for any length of time, sandals, high heels, boots you name it ends up somewhere where I cannot find it. Sometimes it ends up being daddy’s shoes, but not all that often. I seem to find one shoe and end up on the search for the second one.

Not only have they had stores for shoes, but we have a café in the house every so often. The girls have notepads/paper with a pen each and take orders of what we might like. It is not good as everything I seem to order is not available, or they just sold out. I must say that this café needs to work on its manners, as you are greeted by a server who says, “Whata want??”

I am concerned that the girls are in love with shoes, this concern stems from Lillian wanting to take a pair of my sandals to bed. Do your children have obsession, or just the fancy of the moment? I am sure it is the age that they are at. Send in your comments.

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