I want the pink one!!!!

Lillian with her new bling

Lillian with her new bling

Lillian was fine with green and purple and Julia was fine with red and pink. Now the girls have to both have the pink toy/jewellery or whatever it is.   This morning I gave the girls a nice present from their grandma and they have fought over who got the pink necklace and bracelet. Oh the joys!

Julia was lucky that she picked it first, but then as you can imagine Lillian who did not get the pink one had one hell of a tantrum. I told her she should be happy that grandma gave her a gift and if she really did not want it, I will give to another girl that will love it more.  As you can imagine this was met with a big screamed NO! So she is now happy wearing it. Phew…. Crisis averted for the time being, until she decides she wants the pink one again.

Not understanding why they both suddenly want pink everything. When does this kick in? A couple of days ago, I was speaking to another mother, who has a girl that is of similar age and is going through the same thing. So it is not just my girls. In my post about going to the play school concert, I mused about the obsession little girls have with pink. In this post it mentions that pink was originally a colour for boys, not girls. Why has this changed? And who told the toddlers about this? Why is the pink switch suddenly on for girls? Who switches it on? Would it be the pink fairy? And if there is a pink fairy, I want to have a word with him/her, please don’t make my girls so obsessed with pink!

Julia and her new bling

Julia and her new bling

As you will see the necklaces and bracelets look very pretty no matter what the colour. I am trying to tell the girls that they need to be happy and grateful for gifts no matter what the colour is. Not sure if they are able to control their feelings if they un-wrap a gift that might not be pink in front of friends or family, I hope so, but they are still little.

It is the girls birthday soon, well in September is soon, only a couple of months away. Maybe I need to alert friends and family to make sure to buy pink? However I do want the girls to experience other colours not just pink. For a mother who was a tom boy and loved and still loves blue, this is a new experience.  Don’t get me wrong, pink and frills are very pretty, but I don’t want them to fall into the trap that everything must be pink and frilly or they won’t wear it or be interested.

Do you have this issue if you have girls? What have you done about it? Do you just buy the child pink and be done with it? Or have you decided to tell them this is what you get and be happy with it.  Send in your comments.

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