Elusive Alone Time

Alone Time, Image by FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Alone Time, Image by FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Why is it when you want to be left alone no one does? Yes it is very annoying, and frustrating. I have a lot to do, namely reading for university and would like to do some stuff for the blog and who knows, maybe something else.

We decided to go out to lunch and then a drive, it was a day of constant, “Mummy, can you do this, Mummy, can you do that” Oh……a nice nap or quiet time under a tree would have done me today.

When I do finally get time alone, my head, shoulders, and neck hurt and as you might have guessed that then leads to a headache. This also means that I am exhausted and just in no mood to do anything, very annoying and frustrating actually.

Do find that you have periods like this, that nothing gets done and you are feeling very frustrated within yourself? I am feeling like that at the moment, I know things will sort themselves out and all will be fine. Currently I am just hanging for kids to go to bed, that time cannot come soon enough.

Today has been good and bad, I have had sooky kids which at times was nice and bad, the nice part was the cuddling the bad part was not being able to put a child down to go and do something like get a glass of water or maybe have a lie down.

I have organised a bath for the kids and they have more ice boats so hopefully after this they will be very sleepy and ready for a nice big sleep.  Off get the ice boats, pj’s sorted, and towels, hubby is watching kids in the bath. Finally some time with just me!! YES a small win for today!

Have you had a good day today? Were you able to have some alone time?  I am now sitting with a glass of red wine while I type this and feeling a little better about the day, as it is now night time and kids will soon be snoring and in bed (well I can only hope).

Do you have tips or tricks to make you get more alone time? Have you a timetable with your partner/husband to make sure that each one gets alone time? Send in your comments.

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