What did you want to be?

Fairy Doctor Julia - Picture by Mell Mallin Photography

Fairy Doctor Julia – Picture by Mell Mallin Photography

What do your kids want to be when they are older?  A fireman, doctor, teacher, actor or something completely different, my children fall into the completely different category.

Julia wants to be a fairy doctor, and Lillian wants to be a pussy cat fairy doctor. I presume that the fairy doctor fixes and cares for fairies, as she has told me and the pussy cat fairy doctor is a cat who cares and fixes fairies also. Both girls are most insistent that this is what will happen. Julia tells me that when she is grown she will get her fairy wings and be able to start being a doctor to the fairies.

This is all very cute and adorable, however I have to wonder. Will I end up being the mother to two doctors in the future? Will this interest in doctors although with fairies just be the girls wanting or showing an interest in being a doctor? Currently I am just putting it down to great make believe and their wonderful imaginations, but you can’t help but wonder what they will end up being.

Pussy Cat - Lillian - Picture by Mell Mallin Photography

Pussy Cat – Lillian – Picture by Mell Mallin Photography

I wanted to be a film director; I did make films and learn film-making. However I never did get to do my dream. I still have plans to make my film and shorts, however not on the scale that my dream was. I plan on eventually submitting what I make in the future into festivals; however with kids it is hard to find the time. I know it will happen one day.

What did you want to be as a kid?  Have you done what you wanted, or has the dream changed a bit? Do you have any ideas on what your kids might be as an adult? It is interesting guessing and if you have grown kids were you right when you had these thoughts when they were little. Send in your comments.

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