Crystal & Diamond Mining


Are you looking at something fun and different to do with the kids?

Why not take them Diamond or Crystal mining, or maybe both?

Would it surprise you that my four-year-old and I found diamonds and crystals (AKA Rocks) at our local park? I think you would be rather impressed.

It was a great time at the local park. My little boy rode his bike to the park and while there we searched for valuable crystals and diamonds.

Alexander found a few and made sure to put them safely in his pockets or if they didn’t fit my pockets. We took them home to wash them to allow us to inspect our haul of treasures.

I know that we didn’t collect actual crystals or diamonds but the hunt and chase for the real thing was super fun, plus after we were home water was involved to clean the rocks and this meant that Alex was then covered head to toe in the water and of course spent hours playing in the water and investigating his special treasures.

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Originally published June 14, 2020

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