65 cents

Coins from Lillian

Coins from Lillian

Last night my husband was paid to read books. Lillian has an obsession with money and seems to be very enterprising, I had to have a chuckle that she thought to pay daddy to read her and Julia more books.

He told me that he read the first one, then he got about 20 cents. She mentioned that if he read another, she would pay him more. So he did. Then she paid him more for the third book, and he left with 65 cents. Great profit according to daddy, and as he said if this keeps up it will add to the money jar in the kitchen.

Not sure we will be able to do much with the money given by Lillian, although I was taken with the fact that she thought to do it. Very smart girl, she put the fact that people do things for money and she decided to give it a go. Now what happens when daddy does not want to read more than one book regardless of the money.

I am not sure I would have done it, and think Lillian was lucky it was daddy not mummy reading books that night. Before he left the room, Lillian took his head in her hands and told him “You will leave the door open”, and so he did.

Have you been paid for reading books to your children/child?  If so was it more than 65 cents.  Send in your comments.

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