Wonder clock not that wondrous


Why is it that we need applications to tell us when we will stop being able to have children. As a woman who had children later, I find this rather upsetting to say the least. There is ample media attention on women mainly in their mid to late 30’s, and this attention is stressing us all out.

I know it is best to have kids early rather than later, some people keep thinking that there is time, however you cannot wait forever to do the kid thing. It does have limits. We understood that, and it was not up to us, it just took longer in our case.

Working in my early 20’s and in my 30’s was essential, I had a degree and wanted to climb the corporate ladder, but also wanted to have a husband, kids and a good family life. This we have been lucky to have and we were blessed with twins. So we were just over the moon, however once pregnant I was conscious of the media and any stories that were ageist, telling me that there will be problems if I do get pregnant, and if I was, well then I had to be careful.

I decided to turn of the television/radio when these stories were on the air, I refused to be part of others conversations on these topics and I listened to a relaxation CD, now a digital file/MP4. I found tuning out the best medicine. I knew things could happen, but I wanted to just be positive and see what would happen and listening to others stressed me, I did not want to be part of this stress.

Having this iPhone application “Wonder Clock”, is just stressing all women out there and as you will see from Kasey Edwards story on the Sydney Morning Herald the app gives wrong results. I can understand the need and want to find out how long you have left, however if I knew that I would be stressing and running around like a mad woman.
What if you had an iPhone app for how long you have before you die, would you buy that? I wouldn’t, due to the fact that I would not want to know, and don’t want to be spending my last moments freaking out and worrying.

Why is all the focus on women? Women do carry the babies and are generally the ones that have a time limit, however research has shown that men need to look after themselves and indeed have time limits also.

Below are some links that show that men have a time limit on their fertility as well:

·         A man’s age and fertility
·         Fertility clock ticks for men, too
·         Men’s fertility decreases after 35

It could be stated that a percentage of women would like to settle down and have kids, but the man in their life is not ready, unreliable and just a child.  So the woman moves on to never meet the right guy. Then they are faced with the fact that they are getting older, and would like a child.  Maybe we need an iPhone app to sort out if the guy we are dating is a family man and the type for having kids with? Now that would have been something I would have purchased. (And this is my idea, so I am claiming dibs on it if it is created, and millions are made)

I don’t see why we should purchase an application that tells you will be barren in how many years. I for one would not purchase it; I want to feel energised, and youthful. Why buy an application to be told you are old. Let me know if you have used products like this? Did they work? And if they did, do you feel okay with the results? Send in your comments.

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