Halloween Restrictions 2020


COVID has thrown a spanner in the works to everyone’s plans this year. We have all suffered lockdowns, not visited loved ones, missed family and friends, and had to cancelled much-awaited plans.

Now we are in October and with Halloween approaching, there are questions around what we can and cannot do if you are trick and treating this 31st of October.

The girls a fews ago dressed up for Halloween.

Check out what you can and cannot do here, it lists all states in Australia.

  • It is advised to keep your celebrations local, so don’t travel to different areas
  • You are not to have lollies in a communal bowl.
  • We have also been told to not have people knock on the front door, to have lolly bags on the front fence, and also have hand sanitiser available.
  • No backyard festivities and if you are decorating just do your front yard.
  • Family groups must stick together, practice social distancing, and should not mingle with others.

A NSW Health spokesperson told 7NEWS.com.au that under coronavirus restrictions groups of children trick-or-treating would not be allowed to travel together.

Monster Cupcake Toppers

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    This is taken directly from the NSW Health Website:

    COVID-safe tips if you plan to hand out treats

    • If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 over Halloween, stay home, don’t receive Halloween visitors and get tested immediately
    • If you are self-isolating, don’t answer the door to trick-or-treaters
    • Make it a front-yard event, not at the front door of your house. Keep your celebrations outdoors and get creative in decorating the front yard
    • Only hand out individually wrapped treats 
    • Don’t use communal lolly bowls. Consider other ways of distributing treats such as hanging them individually on your fence, front gate or up your driveway
    • Offer hand sanitiser at your front gate or fence
    • You may wish to avoid people knocking on your door by putting up a sign that says “We are home but due to COVID-19, we are distancing. Please take one, Happy Halloween”
    • Remember, you can only have 20 people on your property at one time.

    This year I have decided to not take the kids trick or treating, and sadly to not have any lollies for anyone. I feel like it is too hard with the current restrictions.

    Although we won’t be having things for others, I will do some fun things with the kids in our back garden and of course, create some Jack O Lanterns so we can have fun as a family.

    I will also be looking at games and fun activities the kids can do at home.

    Make sure to check with your state to see what you can and cannot do.

    Whatever you get up to this Halloween, stay safe and have fun.

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