A Paper Bag Is not Worth $285!

Mummy to Twins Designer Paper Bag

Mummy to Twins Designer Paper Bag

I am not sure what is worse, a person selling a paper bag for $285 or a person willing to purchase the paper bag. Currently Jill Sander’s a fashion designer who has a paper bag for sale and it is selling for $285, but the weird part is that they have sold out.

I for one would not purchase a paper bag worth so much, and I am wondering why others have rushed to get such an expensive paper bag. Why is it worth so much? What makes it so expensive? Is it the fact that it is a designer paper bag? Could I create my own line of paper bags and make a fortune? These are some of the questions I am entertaining currently. Maybe I should give it a go. Check out my first stab at a designer paper bag, I have to perfect my design but think I might be onto something, will practice and showcase my work soon.

At first I thought how silly of the designer to design a product that clearly is not worth the price tag, but I have changed my mind. I am now finding the consumer the silly part of the equation. If the business thinks there might be a market and wants to have a go to see if the public would bite, as it is a bit of a laugh all until the product becomes popular and it sells. I say why not. It is just weird that consumers don’t see past the designer label and see it is still a paper bag and not worth $285.

Just for those people out there thinking how much does a paper bag cost well I have found out. At Woolworths online shop a pack of 100 paper lunch bags cost: $2.93, so that is a cost of 0.13 for each bag. Even shopping with Bag Mart Australia would still be a bargain compared to Jill Sander’s paper bag. No matter which way you look, this designer paper bag is not worth it.

It is very good marketing by Jill Sander’s and team, how much they have earned from just a paper bag, the mark-up must be huge! It just goes to show that the public will purchase anything if it is marketed in the right way.

Maybe I am just missing the point of this special paper bag, if I am please send me the reason that it is so expensive and a must have item. I personally would just go and get a standard cheap paper bag from the supermarket or the shops.

Do you think this item is worth $285 or is it just designers hoping to sell for an inflated price? I for one think it is inflated and not worth it. Send in your comments.

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