The dangers of the 2nd of April


The 2nd of April according to Facebook is the day people are breaking up, sad but true.  A data analysis was conducted over the year 2010- 2011 and it found more changes to everyone’s relationship status.  “April 2nd was the year’s most extreme day in the other direction, with 11% more break-ups than new relationships.” (Facebook, 2012)

I for one don’t understand why the 2nd of April is such a dangerous time for relationships. Do you know or have an idea?

In Andrea Black’s article, “Fifteen ways to leave your lover” she wonders “How could so many April Fools jokes go awry?”  Maybe this is the answer, bad jokes. If you wish to keep your lover/partner/girlfriend/husband/wife, don’t participate in April Fools jokes.

Now it is the 3rd of April here in Australia, I have made it unscathed by this weird phenomenon. The day must have magic powers or dark forces attached to the date. Not sure exactly, just very interesting that one day has proven such a bad day for relationships.

Wonder what other days we should avoid?  Maybe this skill from Facebook can be used for good, can we find out what days we are more likely to win at lotto? Get a pay rise at work? Any other good luck and feel good things would be nice too.

Let me know if you were okay from the negatives from the 2nd of April. Hope you are all okay and still with your special someone. Send in your comments.

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