What happens at pre-school, stays at pre-school


Ever since the girls started pre-school, it has been very difficult to find out what they do all day. When I pick them up I ask the standard question: “What did you do today?”, “Did you have a good day” and so on.

These are the answers I have been getting:

  • I don’t know
  • I will tell you tonight
  • I will tell you tomorrow
  • I don’t remember
  • I will tell you later
  • Vague stares
  • Silence
  • I don’t want to tell you mummy!!!

The reasons I think they don’t want to tell me are the following:

  • They are tired and have actually forgotten
  • Too much to do and overwhelmed
  • New things to play with/rules to learn/things to learn

I am still not sure what happens at pre-school, other than the following:

  • Playing
  • Painting and drawing
  • Reading and story-time
  • Learning new tasks

I am just thinking that pre-school is a bit like Vegas, what happens there stays in Vegas, and now it is a mystery of what happens at pre-school. Maybe with time I will know more. Next term I can come and observe, and I plan on doing that. This way I can really understand what happens at the school and get more involved.

I know that they get so tired after a day at school, so the girls are obviously doing a lot during the day. At playgroup the other day, the girls said that school was too easy and Julia said that she got bored. I addressed this with the teacher last week as I thought it was best to mention it in case she needed more stimulation. I was not sure if she is just saying the word “I’m bored” or if she was actually bored, it is really hard to know. The teacher said what I thought, the girls are doing so many different things and are on the go all day. They are very active.

Does your child/children keep you in the dark about their day at school?  I thought it might be just the girls, however after asking some mothers at playgroup and other friends it seems perfectly normal. It is hard to know as the girls are my first children, so at least this is normal; however it is just odd that you as a parent never find out what went on that day.  Is what happens at school a mystery to you?

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