Yesterday the girls were telling us jokes. We noticed very early on that they both have a good sense of humour, however now they are telling “Why did a banana cross the road jokes”. And yes the answer is to get to the other side.  I checked with Daddy and he did not tell them this joke. The only place would be pre-school. I then asked the girls did they hear it at school, and at bed time Lillian told me that a boy was telling the jokes, she would show me what boy. I don’t mind who told the joke, or where or when it happened. I was curious about it as it is yet another skill they are learning, joke telling.

This skill of joke telling seems to be only funny currently to the girls, although that said the way they giggle and carry on it makes you giggle too.  The crossing the road joke, was then told by Julia who told me about a house, with a roof and windows, and then she was in a fit of giggles. Lillian started off the versions of the pooh and wee wee’s crossing the road. It got to a level last night that it was all about pooh dingle something… not quite sure really.

The only thing matters is that they are having fun. After finally saying goodnight to grandma on the phone, she got them telling knock knock jokes. This as you might have guessed got into the same, there was a pooh or a wee wee at the door. Hilarious.  Well it was for the girls, hours of fun giggling and not going to bed. Just was pleased it was giggles not screams and tears.

What jokes has your child/children told you? Was it funny to you or just the child? It is a great thing to watch the amusement that comes from telling jokes. It is interesting from a behavioural aspect that they are now understanding a lot more how to tell a joke, making up their own jokes and understanding about punch lines. The girls have done this before, however with the introduction of school, I am sure that we will get more of them. My little jokers will have enough to keep us all in stitches.

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