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Lately the girls have been in the wars. Yesterday, Lillian ran at high speed into a trolley at Woolies and hurt her arm.  The time before that Lillian dropped a can on her toe in the same shop, now her toe nail is black and I am waiting on the nail to fall off. Also yesterday Julia fell over on the travelator and managed to get that organised with help of a lady behind me. I was shopping with just me and the girls. The trolley went sideways; Julia fell over and could not get up without help. She was so upset, and then Lillian was upset due to Julia being upset. The lovely lady behind me grabbed Lillian and I managed to get to Julia and saved her and the trolley just scraped on the side of the travelator until we exited.

Today while I was putting washing on the line, daddy was in the kitchen there was an incident.  I heard screams that I needed to come in as there was a problem. I raced in with high speed, worried about what had happened. I come in to see Julia on the kitchen bench with blood all over her face and her screaming and crying. I was not sure what had happened. At first look the gash over her eye looked really bad. We cleaned it up and it was not too bad or good either. Daddy did not want to go to the doctors at the hospital, however as a very worried mummy I insisted.

Before going I eventually found out what had happened. Julia was on daddy’s work chair in the study and tried to get off. She must have slipped and she went head first into the wood floor. Upon arriving at the hospital we were quick to get into to see the triage nurse. While there we met the emergency doctor and she assured us that it was fine, although had to wait until it was our turn to see her again, so off we went to the waiting room.

I only took Julia with me and she really did not want to go to the doctors, and thought it best to deal with one child and have Lillian spend time with daddy. While seeing the triage nurse she asked Julia some questions that would indicate if she was fine brain wise. She was, she answered who she was with successfully and some other questions. So that was a good thing. I was there at the hospital to make sure she was fine for one thing, and to make sure that the gash would heal o.k., it was deep but not really deep enough for stitches.

Finally we got to see the doctor again and she was great. She was telling Julia stories and asked why the dinosaur hurt her head, the doctor said that she sees these injuries a lot and the dinosaurs are naughty. Julia told the doctor that it was not the dinosaur that she fell off daddy’s chair, no dinosaur. Oh well, the doctor was trying and that was great, it made the whole situation much better for Julia. She was and still is very sensitive to what happened, she cries and gets very upset if it is mentioned or that she thinks about it.

Julia was brave and let the nurse and doctor put the special bandages on that draws the skin together to heal, she told Julia that they were dinosaur bandages. Now the challenge is that the bandage cannot get wet or dirty for 3-4 days. So sponge baths until then, this will be interesting. This time is important for the skin to heal or at least start joining up again.  We were not sure and tried to give her some gas to calm down, however she did not want to put the mask on or have anything to do with it so we went without it. I was very happy that she was a brave little girl, it must have hurt and glad that she is going to be o.k.

I am so exhausted and depleted after today. It has been very emotional. I just thought the worse when I saw the blood and saw her screaming and the tears. It was a terrible moment. I am sure that other parents have felt the same. I have also to think that this will not be the end of these scrapes. As active kids I am sure that there will be more. I just hope that they don’t hurt themselves too badly. It is hard enough when they just have a little bump.

Lillian according to daddy was a mess without Julia. She was worried and was screaming and crying while we were at the hospital. She was very concerned and worried about her sister. She did eventually calm down which was good. Daddy got her to play with some of my things which I was not happy about but understood that it calmed her down. While at the hospital, daddy and Lillian changed the batteries in the fire alarm and baked some scones.

This also makes me think that the girls need to be taken individually for things/tasks and outings more. Mummy or daddy takes one or the other and does something, spending time with that child only, for one on one time. The girls don’t take to being separated at all, although today was very upsetting, it was a good thing that Lilly spent time with daddy and I took Julia. It gives each child some quality time with each parent, will need to work on this more in the future.

If you have twins or multiples how do you handle doing something with one child, while the other parent takes the other? Do they freak out? How do you as a parent handle it when you kid/kids are in the wars?

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  • Leanne
    March 11, 2012

    Glad Julia is going to be fine. We try to spend one on one time with each of our kids as I think it’s important they don’t always have to share the attention. Hubby goes swimming on sat morn with lachie then does the shopping afterwards with aliyah and they stop for a coffee/baby chino afterwards. It’s one of aliyahs favourite things to do during the week. I being a stay at home mum obviously spend most time with them and lachie gets thursdays to spend just with me while Aliyah is at kindy, I don’t have much alone time with Aliyah except when lachie is asleep and I spend that time doing things with her that I can’t pull out when lachie is around like painting, playdoh, drawing with texts or baking- she loves this one on one time with me. I also take her to the shops on a weekend sometimes and we have a look around, just spending time together away from home. I know with twins they would have same sleep times etc so can’t spend one on one time them- not sure if the girls go 3 days to kindy but if they do, could they maybe do different days at preschool for 2 of the days that way you can spend time with each of them and the
    other gets used to playing alone with other kids and then u still get a day to yourself.

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