Yesterday while driving the twins to pre-school they were telling me who they were going to marry. Marry! They are only 5. Isn’t it a bit early to be planning this?

One of the girls said a boys name and I said is that who you will marry? She said “No, he will be my boyfriend when I am older.” Oh glad that is sorted. Interesting that this is already going on at pre-school. Does this happen to your kids? Do you remember who you would marry as a kid?

However the biggest thing that made me laugh was this. One kid said, “I’m not marrying someone who sucks their thumb!” Well that is true, that is not good to do that if you are about to marry someone. She was very insistent and kept on repeating it over and over again.

I told her that is good and I’m glad that she has decided what she wants and doesn’t want. She has standards, and no thumb sucking is one of them! What about you? What things were on your list? What are on your kids list?

What have your kids told you about what their standards are?

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