Spiders Are Not Allowed In Cars!


I had a very interesting car journey last Friday.

The part that was interesting didn’t last long but it was stressful.  It did involve a lot of screaming, swearing and heavy breathing.

I don't think spiders are really scared of me..what about you?

I don’t think spiders are really scared of me..what about you?

Initially, I wasn’t going to rush off in the car…however there was a thunderstorm approaching, black clouds and the twins were, of course, catching the bus home, which of course this meant walking home for part of it.

What was so concerning you ask? Was I hurt? Was I super tired and couldn’t keep my eyes open… NO and NO. Was I sick??? NO

When I opened the door to get in the car there was a HUGE, more like an ENORMOUS spider on the bottom of the driver’s door. Then this horrible looking spider raced or more like sprinted into the car and decided to climb into the area where the pedals of the car live.



Me when I am faced with a scary looking spider

I don’t think spiders are really scared of me..what about you?

I don’t want to be driving and then suddenly this horrible spider walks on me.   Do I get in the car and hope for the best?

I decided to get a stick and see if I could coax this intruder out of my car.

In hindsight using a stick and banging it was not the smartest move to try and get a creature out of my car. I decided to ask a neighbour for some insect spray. I sprayed everywhere I thought this evil devil spider would have hidden.

After spraying the car for a while I decided to take the leap and start driving. I only got a few minutes down the road and then this horrible passenger surfaced on the right side of the driving wheel near the window. I swear it was looking at me with its beady eyes.


Thank goodness this didn't happen to my car..burning down the car/house due to a spider.

Thank goodness this didn’t happen to my car..burning down the car/house due to a spider.

I raced off the road, parked the car, jumped into the passenger seat in record time and magically opened the driver’s door. At this time this unwanted thing in my car was walking across the door. I had enough spray in the can and sprayed the spider as it got close to the edge of the door.

I wanted to make sure that it was going to leave my car. This creature wasn’t invited in my car and personally, I wouldn’t invite a massive scary looking spider into my car ever.

So this creature who invited him or herself into my car finally got out. I slammed the door, jumped back into the driver’s seat and drove off.

While driving I thought that this spider might have super strong legs and still be outside waiting for me. Luckily this wasn’t the case and the visitor that invited themselves into my car was finally gone.

I was still freaked out about the spider car incident.

Spiders should never be in cars!

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