Who Funds Rusty, Ruby, Ryder & The PJ Masks?


I’ve watched about a million hours of Rusty Rivets and Paw Patrol, and there is one thing that these shows have in common; they have kids that build or have state of the art technology, equipment, and space to have a large HQ (Head Quarters)

This also applies to PJ Masks as well. Three kids about 8-9 years old at the most, and they save the world or at the very least their town from Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja.

Greg, Connor, and Amaya become Gecko, Cat Boy and Owlette, they work at night to save the day. However, when an emergency or evil event occurs it is always in the day time and most times they are in a park or at school. Then they do there tagline about saving the day and pow they are all in their costumes and it is night time. 


Doesn’t anyone notice that these kids are suddenly doing their superhero moves at school and during the day time? Does anyone wonder how these three kids have a HUGE HQ, Cars and other amazing equipment?  

The kids that are in these shows are about 10 years old (or sometimes younger) and how do they have access to the following:

  • Mobile Lab with all the technology you need
  • Heaps and heaps of space for the recycled workshop to build any robotic creation you wish
  • Boats, submarine, fancy HQ that is all run by kids and no adults
  • Money to do all of the above


So it got me thinking??? Who pays for all this stuff? 


Does Rusty and Ruby from Rusty Rivets have investors? Do they have parents that secretly fund their creations? It is hard to know as this information is never told to the audience.


So just in case, you have no idea what these shows are all about here’s a breakdown for you.

Rusty Rivets – A boy called Rusty Rivest and his friend Ruby Ramirez who build and create a state of the art creations from recycled items. They have a robot called Botassuar and other robots called the bits.


When Rusty customizes or changes an item he says, “modify, customize, Rustify” and when Ruby customizes or creates something she says, “Rubify” 


They end up out in the middle of nowhere nearly every episode and have their mobile lab which seems to have everything you would ever need to do anything. If they need something extra they use their iPad/tablet to call for the bits (their small robots) to come and help or bring them something that they urgently need. 


How do these kids fix all these things and build such technical and huge creations???? I keep on wondering… Do you or is it just me?


Paw Patrol – Ryder and his pups save the town of Adventure Bay and any person when they get stuck, hurt, need help and everything in between.

Ryder has a huge HQ that sits on the beach of Adventure Bay and they have boats, subs, vehicles and all sorts of amazing technology and equipment for the pups and Ryder too.

How do they afford all this, again Ryder is probably just 10 years old and seems to be in charge of everything. No adult comes and helps, all the adults call Ryder and the pups to save them. 

Who pays for all this? How does it get built? Is Ryder a secret adult? Is he independently wealthy? Maybe? 


PJ Masks – Is about three kids that fight evil in their town and to save the world. Connor, Amaya and Greg are Cat Boy, Oweltte and Gecko. They are the PJ Masks, they do all their superhero work in the night time and apparently are in the third grade. 


These 3rd graders have a massive and state of the art HQ, cars, technology and anything you could want and no one seems to know anything about it. This HQ looks like it lives in the city and in a local park from the many shows that I’ve seen. 


Again how do three kids who are about 8-9 years old do all of this? Did they build and pay for everything themselves. 


Or maybe there is a silent investor that pays for all of these kid organizations?


These tech-savvy kids could have approached venture capital firms for funding, I don’t know if they invest in this type of business as it doesn’t seem to have a return that I’m aware of, however, it could help keep the peace and in turn allow business to thrive, so maybe a good investment.


Do you know how these kids fund their enterprises and activities?  One suggestion is that they have a secret illegal business that generates heaps of cash. I know this is not in keeping of the superhero way but it could explain how they can afford all these amazing items for their adventures. 

Let me know if you have any other ideas.


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